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Nov. 25th, 2014 03:06 pm
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1. Lunch was sourdough bread made from my breadpet that was identifiably sourdough, it was great, I will add more water next time; and leek-and-potato soup with bay leaves & lovage (Liebstoeckel) from my mother's garden, & the best parev chicken-style stock.

2. I continue to listen to Vienna Teng on loop.

3. I was rather irritated by the most recent poetry-in-translation I read (because of the translator, not the author!). I accidentally had a bit of a rant and consequently feel somewhat better.

4. My largest smallcousin is a fuckin' rockstar and I am so proud of her.
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Indiegogo: Ferguson Defense Fund
Ferguson protestors need money for jail, bail & life[.] The Ferguson Legal Defense Fund will help

Via [personal profile] rushthatspeaks, the Ferguson National Response Network ([ profile] fergusonresponse)
Boston area: Police B2 Headquarters, 2400 Washington St., Roxbury, Tuesday, November 25th, 7 PM. The internet indicates that the best way to do this is the P4 or P5 Silver Line to Dudley Square.

Black. Lives. Matter.

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When the labour of Watsons - and Lestrades and Gregsons, and original characters like Bell and Alfredo and Snowplow Driver Pam - is shown to be of value, it speaks against the Holmes adaptations that assumed that Holmeses are the only people worth valuing.

Katie Johnston @ Boston Globe: ‘Area Four’ residents in Cambridge live in shadow of the future
As global pharmaceutical companies build new labs, Internet giants Google and Twitter expand, and startups snap up office space at ever-higher rents, families living in the shadow of the innovation economy are flocking to the local food pantry at three times the rate of a decade ago.

Liz versus the leaves

Nov. 24th, 2014 05:26 pm
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So today I filled fifteen of those big Lowes yard waste bags with dead leaves.

Usually Landlord Dude takes card of yardwork around the house, but this year (presumably because of his back and shoulder problems) he never came by to deal with all the fallen leaves. I finally got sick of them sitting in massive drifts all over the yard, so yesterday I went to Lowes and bought a rake and a five-pack of the paper yard waste bags. Today I filled the first five, looked at the giant piles of leaves still waiting for my attention, said "argh," went and bought two more five-packs, and filled those as well. And there are still leaves sitting around in piles!

Ithaca picks up yard waste on the weeks opposite recycling pickup, except in November when they pick up leaves every week. Unfortunately, I did not know the November exception, and since our last November trash pickup just happened at 4am this morning... oops. It is apparently possible to cart the waste down to the county's solid waste facility, but I am unclear on what, if anything, that might cost, not to mention I won't have a car after Thanksgiving.

Fortunately, Downstairs Neighbor S has a friend who lives out in the country and has a huge garden, for which she is always seeking leaves to use as overwinter mulch. So she's going to come by on Tuesday or Wednesday, load my fifteen bags of leaves into a borrowed truck, and make them disappear. Victory!

I think I will leave a note for Upstairs Neighbors T & E asking them to buy another set of waste bags and deal with the remaining leaf piles in the side yard. It's not absolutely necessary, but I hate leaving jobs unfinished. And the bags only cost about $2 for a five-pack.

(After that, I may ask Landlord Dude for a slight reduction on my next month's rent payment, because ouch, that was a lot of work, not to mention it was at my own expense...)

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Nov. 24th, 2014 03:05 pm
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I have so many conflicting about these signings, idek! The Giants and the Red Sox are my teams, but I kind of rather Pablo stay with the Giants. And now I hear the Giants are trying to go after Lester? I RATHER LESTER RETURN TO THE RED SOX. Apparently I fear change.

God, San Francisco just loves Pablo though. Don't leave all that behind, guy! If you say you wanna go somewhere where you're gonna be respected, idk, I think San Francisco might give you more leeway than Boston because we are all a bunch of crankypants here. It's all that chowder and snow. It gives us imbalanced humors. I love you, Pablo, but I feel like a mother sending her child off to college. ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE GOING TO BE OKAY, I HEAR SOME COLLEGE BATHROOMS HAVE MOLD SO HERE IS A CRATE OF MOLD-B-GONE AND YOU CAN COME HOME ANYTIME oh god i should have home-schooled you MY SWEET BABY. IF YOUR ROOMMATE IS MEAN, JUST TELL ME AND I WILL INFORM THEIR PARENTS AND CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!

Hanley, idk. Love his numbers, wary about his intangibles, but I mean, all we got to go on about intangibles are hearsay anyway, so. kanyeshrug. Welcome back, be nice to Pablo and leave Xander's position alone. The boy has had enough mindfucking, what with panicked Drew signings and all, and Christian Vazquez can only soothe his best friend's broken baseball heart so much.

What if Lester to the Giants, what if Lester nudges the Giants to sign Peavy again, because bros. Boston bros in San Francisco. LEAVE ME ALONE. COME HOME, LESTER. YOU CAN BUY A NICER HOUSE IN WELLESLEY.

My quest to follow Ike Davis around the league like a lost puppy continues. I am, until further notice, an A's fan.

I am so wary and so excited.

oh thank god

Nov. 24th, 2014 01:43 pm
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OMG, I just got a job offer! Granted, it's a part-time seasonal thing, but still. A job! I was honestly not expecting anything on that particular front, since the interviewer said I should hear from them within three weeks, and it's been more like five weeks now, but hey. Job!

I should be receiving a further email with links to a bunch of forms to fill out -- background checks and how I want paychecks handled and stuff like that -- within a couple days.


(It's funny how much stress I didn't consciously realize I was under until suddenly a portion of it is gone...)

Notes to self

Nov. 24th, 2014 03:21 pm
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I am going to try to get to:

(I am still apparently too brainwrong to reliably book tickets for myself for things I want to go to, let alone other folk, so it'd be lovely to see you but I am not going to cope w organising because brains; sorry!)

General election murblings

Nov. 24th, 2014 01:38 pm
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I have been saying for some time that I really need to look at voting statistics for my borough in order to determine whether I need to vote for my (mostly competent, keeps trying to pick twitter fights with Julian Huppert) Labour MP Andrew Slaughter in order to avoid a Tory, or whether Andy's sufficiently safe that I can vote LD or Green instead depending on policies and candidates.

As it turns out, there isn't enough record to make a good call because the borough's only bloody existed since like 2010 (in its most recent incarnation; it previously existed 1885-1918 and 1983-1997, but I'm not poking at boundary maps hard enough to work out whether that's meaningful for my purposes). Anyway, it looks like Andy's sufficiently safe that I can vote according to my politics + desire for candidates without risking getting a bloody Conservative in; which means I will wait for Green & LD candidates to be announced and then make my mind up. (For all Andy annoys me he does mostly respond plausibly to letters and I approve of his interactions with the NHS, so.)

will talk for food :-)

Nov. 23rd, 2014 10:28 pm
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Just FYI, I still have several open slots for the December Talking Meme. If there's anything you want to ask me, or get me to blather about, this is your chance!

remind me again why I keep writing?

Nov. 23rd, 2014 07:56 pm
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One of the more frustrating parts of writing is when you know what happens next, but you can't figure out how it happens. I am stuck on this point in three completely different stories right now. It's maddening.

At a certain point in this cycle, I give up and start writing complete inanity -- of the "and then they flew around the hill, and Daphne literally ran into a Longhorn dragon, and the dragon went "Rawr!" and tried to gore her with its horns and Apple bravely distracted it while Daphne was frozen in terror, and then there was a commotion as the staff of the dragon reserve saw what was going on, and then the dragon started to chase them and they flew back around the hill, and it turned out all-consuming terror was a really good way to get through a Confundus spell without losing track of what they were doing, and then they were being chased over the lake by a huge dragon and the three male dragons that wanted to mate with her were also chasing them, and so were the dragon handlers including their cousin Alexandria, and then... actually I have no idea what happens next, bugger, I need to outline that."


Okay. So that's what happens near the climax of "The Dragon Debacle," just FYI. It's nice to have that on paper. Except I still have to -- somehow -- turn that mess into a scene.


*beats head repeatedly against table*


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