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Oct. 31st, 2014 03:25 pm
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Insight would be appreciated but mostly I'm writing this down this time so's I have it when I come back to this after the weekend. ;)

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Yuletide assignments went out this morning, and I matched on... a source that is going to take a little work to get my hands on. Because it's out of print, there are no copies in the entire Tompkins County library system, and the only copy I personally know of is in my old hometown library down in New Jersey, which is not exactly helpful.

Therefore, to the internet and used book market sites! *rubs hands, cackles evilly*

I definitely need to acquire the book, because I haven't read it in going on fifteen years and you could drive a whole convoy of trucks through the holes in my memory of the plot and characters. (Though I do remember one particular passage word-perfect, which I know because I recited it to my mom over the telephone this evening, just to prove I could. It's funny the things that stick with you.) But my giftee's request is totally up my alley both in general terms and with respect to what I remember liking about the book, so hey. Yuletide here we come!


In completely unrelated news, I gave blood yesterday, I am filling in as a substitute teacher at church this Sunday, and I am totally going to vote in the midterm elections on Tuesday. I feel all socially productive and stuff. :-)


And now back to my final mini-ficlet request. (Which, hey, I'm willing to keep playing if anyone else wants to give me a prompt!)
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Today I have not yet got out of bed for more than 10 minutes at a time.

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really really todo: rinse out the dishwasher filters
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I am bored and attempting to stay awake. I am also, alas, out of inspiration for all my WIPs. So am I asking for prompts!

Give me a character or ship PLUS a scenario | setting | mood | line of dialogue, and I will try to write you a three sentence ficlet.

ETA: Prompts are closed! Thank you to everyone who contributed. :-)


1 ) lost in translation: 50 words, Dave/Jade, lost in translation. For [tumblr.com profile] missgvc (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

2 ) picnic at 20,000 feet: 125 words, Rose/Sollux, on a plane. For [tumblr.com profile] bramblemouth (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

3 ) Poor Communication: 250 words, Miles Vorkosigan & the Faceless Old Woman Who Lives in Your House, "He would have told her if she'd asked." For [livejournal.com profile] sablin27 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

4 ) A Likely Story: 275 words, Ayakawa Yukiko being amused at the antics of Naruto and Sasuke (who are temporarily allied because they're conspiring together about something). For [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory (Tumblr link)

5 ) High Wire: 425 words, Natasha Romanova (Avengers) & Parker (Leverage) - "That is not happening." For [livejournal.com profile] sablin27 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

6 ) Inconvenient Truths: 200 words, Arthur Pendragon & Susan Pevensie, diplomatic immunity. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

7 ) The Taste of Madeleines: 350 words, Luna Lovegood, Wrackspurts and brain farts. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

8 ) Perchance To Dream: 350 words, Ariadne & Arthur, favorite books. For [livejournal.com profile] hungrytiger11 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

9 ) Going Native: 150 words, Giles, no eating or drinking in the library. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

10 ) The Test of Good Manners: 425 words, Amanda and Sarek, a moment of perfect understanding. For [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

11 ) This Is Not an After-Action Review: 375 words, Natasha Romanova & Parker, Stark's reaction to their awesomeness. Tiny sequel to High Wire. For [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

12 ) Rattle the Cage: 800 words, Gaila/Natasha Romanoff (Trek/MCU), undercover. For [tumblr.com profile] geiszlerandgaila (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

13 ) Small Favors: 450 words, Ayakawa Yukiko, Kakashi, and fireworks that aren't the typical festival fireworks. For [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory (Tumblr link)

14 ) Hnaflbaflwhiflsnifltafl: 275 words, Edmund Pevensie & Lord Vetinari, comparing the intricacies of governing/spying in Narnia and Ankh Morpork. For [livejournal.com profile] priscipixie (Tumblr link; AO3 version)
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Summary: The Dea al Mon are known as peerless knife-fighters. But all skills must be trained. Rose and her mother, in a Homestuck/Black Jewels fusion AU. (775 words)

Notes: This fic is set in the same AU as When First We Practice To Deceive, but a bit earlier in the timeline. I'd guess Rose is not quite eleven.

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

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I did write the first draft of this in fifteen minutes, but it was very late at night and I wasn't happy with the results. So I came back the next day and spent another forty-five minutes on revisions. Oh well, so it goes.

3 Good Things

Oct. 29th, 2014 08:09 am
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It's my birthday today, so I'm opening my field of view wider than usual.

1. This time last year, inviting someone over for a night of romantic intimacy felt unimaginable. Now it's something to look forward to.

2. This time three years ago, my academic ambitions were crumbling around my ears, depression held fast my feet, and I could not see my way to wholeness. Since then I have wrought harder things and tasted of richer dreams, and am now full circle back to finishing my degree with reserves of resilience and perspective that are carrying me through where I used to falter.

3. Now and then I feel a little overwhelmed in a good way with the people in my life these days I count among my friends and family, my mentors and my students, my colleagues, partners and peers. Circles upon circles of richness; I'm so glad to be here, and glad I overlap with each of you. To those I know well already: thank you. To those I'm getting to know, or haven't met yet: I look forward to it.

Here's to the year to come!

It's not about being worthy, no--
it's about growing
and refining
and passing it on

An ongoing source of amusement

Oct. 27th, 2014 12:48 am
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Unfamiliar but meticulously planned route (mostly on tube) to friend's house in Peckham earlier: actual panic including some capslocky flailing text messages.

Improvisational night buses back: not a problem.

Which, as best as I can tell, is because (1) nobody was expecting me/waiting for me, and (2) it was travelling homeward so the journey got progressively easier. Anyway, the upshot is that it took me 90 minutes to get home (via three buses), of which half an hour was walking; I could probably have shaved some extra time off by taking a route I was less familiar with but hey, whatever, I got a lot of code written on the buses and successfully made it home, so.

Ten good things:
1. Awesome ex-housemate C's birthday not-a-party; pizza + cake + a bafflingly preposterous film.
2. ... I made a cake while simultaneously making dinner and reducing the washing-up pile to tractable size...
3. ... and just about squeaked it all into the available time after getting back from work, where I sorted out cleaning up the mass spec.
4. Lots more of the ridiculous script! Really I should not be at ~200 lines to plot some bloody graphs I think, and on the other hand I'm doing rather better error handling and abstracting lots etc etc etc. (Well, relative to an early incarnation. It's still preeeeeetty specific to my particular data and how I've piled it up.)
5. I am continuing to derive more satisfaction than is perhaps reasonable from the silly computer game I'm being ridiculously completionist about.
6. I am having a lot of thoughts and feelings about being-imperfect-in-public, and what it means that I am proud of putting up shoddy code and poem drafts and such, and maybe there will be a longer post on this.
7. Housemate (who is a pretty integral part of my support system at this stage) has told me about a couple of medium-duration trips away from home she'll be taking in the next few weeks. I continue not freaking out despite the relevant trauma (like, it isn't even sitting up and sniffing). This continues incredibly validating.
8. Having articulated that I have spent the past couple of months pretty continuously low-grade triggered, I am much calmer and much more together and much more relaxed and it is awesome. It is so, so nice. It is so nice.
9. ... Korra 4x04 went some way towards redeeming the terrible politics of the first three seasons??? Decidedly partial, but!
10. Sleep-tracking app appears to be having the effect of encouraging me to consciously work on catching up on sleep (and to be more aware of what I do need to average). I'm currently averaging ~8hrs/night; I really do need to get it up to 9, and while that clearly isn't going to be happening tonight it's very nice to have the information. The downside is that when I'm getting ~enough sleep I get much more vivid and memorable (and often unpleasant) dreams than when I'm in continuous major sleep dep, but hey.

Oh! And I washed my hair, and Ancillary Sword is more and more appealing the more I sit with it, so I suspect I will be going back to it for a slow-and-steady reread sometime soonish.. General Please.
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Something I find fascinating about Homestuck as a fandom is the weird experiments it inspires me to try. For example, this fic, which I wrote... and then decided to format entirely as a series of images. Because why not? (Don't worry! The second "chapter" is not actually a chapter; it's just a text version for anyone who is using e-readers, is reading on a small screen, has trouble parsing cursive fonts, or just doesn't want to bother with images. You may want to disable the AO3 work skin, though, since I did use pesterlog formatting.)

Anyway, this fic is a combined response to two kinkmeme prompts. The major prompt, by [personal profile] random_gal, was for Jane contacting either Rose or Dave to assuage her doubts that Roxy and Dirk are actually related to them. The minor prompt was for Jane meeting either Rose or Dave in person and striking up a conversation about their child that they've never met.

Contact for Proof: Dear Ms. Lalonde, my name is Jane and I met your daughter online last month... [Alpha Timeline Fluff, obviously] (3,075 words)

2014 - Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 26th, 2014 12:25 pm
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aka [archiveofourown.org profile] Idhren

WARNING: This Ode To Chosen Fandoms Yuletide Letter may contain Bad Puns, Footnotes and/or Passionate Enthusiasm About SCIENCE. Author is writing Under The Influence of Tea and chocolate chip pumpkin bread.


Thank you for signing up to write me something! As in previous years, I'm very open to wherever the muse might take you--prose, poetry, lyrics, letters, whatever delights or inspires or snags you and won't let go.

19th Century Scientists RPF (Mary Somerville) )

@WorstMuse )

Snowpiercer (Namgung Minsu, Namgung Yona, or Tanya) )

Spiders Georg )

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I decided I might as well take a stab at finishing my other "Secrets" sidefic while I was in a writing mood. This one, "The Dragon Debacle," is about Apple and Daphne Rumluck getting into trouble at the Romanian dragon reserve the summer before they start Hogwarts -- Charlie Weasley guest-stars. I stalled out on that one both because I got distracted by other stories and fandoms, and because I'd written myself into a corner with the cryptic things the cousins said about the incident in Ginny's hearing.

Fortunately I seem to have edited out the weirdest of those statements last year when I was tidying up "Secrets" for AO3. So now I have a new explanation for the mention of "aftereffects" and a rough outline of the remaining story events. It will probably take a few thousand more words to get there, though. The fic is currently at 2,600 words, of which I wrote 250 tonight. If I can't finish it by next weekend, I will officially declare defeat and post it as a fragment, but hopefully that will be enough to time to conquer the blasted thing. *crosses fingers*

potluck preparations

Oct. 25th, 2014 05:50 pm
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Juuuuust about done baking my potato hotdish thingy for tonight's church potluck dinner.

I bought a new, proper 8x8 baking dish, but it turns out that adding chopped green bell pepper to the mix (along with the ham I already added in my first experiment) means I had enough to completely fill that plus one of my older 6x6 Corningware dishes. So I will have a bunch to share AND a batch all for myself. :-)

They should be ready to take out of the oven in about five minutes, after which I will transfer the small batch into a refrigerator container, wrap the large batch in towels and stuff, and head off to church.


ETA: Arrived home 7:40pm. Dinner went well -- all of my hotdish was eaten, yay! -- and I think I understand the hospitality team structure better now. I will sign up for a couple slots in December. :-D

[poem] Craftwork

Oct. 25th, 2014 11:39 am
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For all of you; and specifically for [personal profile] jelazakazone, a bit.

I am living a borrowed life on
borrowed time, in that
the theft thereof has not been noticed yet--
my other selves are paper-thin;
they echo in the corners of my eyes,
their futures circumscribed by our own hand
and thereby written out of history.
Egal: perhaps they would be better, but
it's me who's living this, who's
strong or weak enough to hold on tight.
I will make a patchwork of my fractured nights,
my scraps of grace: as ever bound together
with the brilliant shining thread that you,
unknowing, trace.


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