How to train your Dragon

Oct. 6th, 2015 10:15 am
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The other thing I've been doing this week is starting to get my head round using DragonDictate. I didn't end up using it for any of the wheelchair essay, not least because I'm still getting to grips with the editing syntax - altering existing text turns out to be ludicrously difficult at least initially. Nonetheless, have a post that's almost entirely been dictated including the HTML with only minor hair tearing. Go me on skills acquisition, or something; I am going to have to get a lot better at this before I'm willing to write a thesis in it.
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Here are the results of my latest mini-ficlet prompt meme, in case you missed any of them. :D

1. Kiss the Bride: Corin proposes to Susan. Prompt: Susan Pevensie as Queen of Narnia, coping with marriage proposals. 425 words, for [ profile] madamehardy. [Tumblr; journal]

2. In Sure and Certain Hope: Does a funeral really count if you know the person it's for will resurrect tomorrow? Beta kid friendship. Prompt: Dave, John, Jade: somber but hopeful. 275 words, for [ profile] shinyrock6498. [Tumblr; journal]

3. Under Pressure: Sakura will survive until her teammates dig her out. Part of the Tides AU. Prompt: How about some Naruto: Sakura, building pressure. 400 words, for [ profile] branch-and-root. [Tumblr; journal]

4. Literal Interpretation: John has some questions about the repercussions of going God Tier. Davesprite and Jade are less than helpful. Tales from the Yellow Yard. Prompt: Jade, John, Davesprite, god worship. 675 words, for [ profile] asukaskerian. [Tumblr; journal]

5. Freedom Ride: Aradia and Kanaya, in the moments before a guerrilla raid on Battleship Condescension. Prompt: Kanaya, Aradia, Prompt word: whoops. 425 words, for [ profile] gracefularchitect. [Tumblr; journal]

6. Tall Ship of War: Shezan and Ilgamuth discuss types of watercraft as the Narnian delegation arrives in Tashbaan. Prompt: How about Shezan and/or Ilgamuth, and boats? 225 words, for [ profile] autumnia. [Tumblr; journal]

7. My Sorrow's Share: Arwen's view of her uncle's choice changed over time. Prompt: Arwen and the pro/con of choosing humanity. (I'm on a Silmarillion kick.) 125 words, for [ profile] mmarycontrary. [Tumblr; journal]

8. Crowning Glory: Edmund combs Susan's hair. Prompt: How about Susan Pevensie, combs or haircombing? 625 words, for [ profile] cat_i_th_adage. (Also a Cotton Candy Bingo fill!) [Tumblr; journal]

9. Picture Perfect: Davepetasprite takes up an old hobby in a new medium. Prompt: Karkat, Dave, Davepetasprite, likeness. 150 words, for [ profile] primtheamazing. [Tumblr; journal]

10. Pay It Forward: Yukiko and Iruka discuss educational opportunities and the lack thereof. Part of the Apartment Manager AU. Prompt: Ayakawa Yukiko and educating the next generation, please. :) 1,150 words, for [ profile] wistfulmemory. (Also a Cotton Candy Bingo fill!) [Tumblr; journal]

11. Mischief Night: The night before they return to Konoha for real, Team 7 blow off some steam by reversing their old genin missions. Part of the Tides AU. Prompt: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke; "strangely satisfying". 550 words, for [personal profile] eos_joy. (Also a Cotton Candy Bingo fill!) [Tumblr; journal]

12. Necessary Measures: Kanaya takes steps to end a recurring argument. Prompt: Rose, Jasprose, and Kanaya, bickering. 200 words, for [ profile] primtheamazing. [Tumblr; journal]

13. In Abeyance, In Arrears: If Bro had smiled, even once... Prompt: Bro, Dave, dour. 150 words, for anonymous on Tumblr. [Tumblr; journal]

14. Broken If Revealed: Karen discovers Foggy's catastrophe contingency plans, and a number of secrets come out in the process. Prompt: Daredevil: awkward reveal, "This is- it's not what it looks like...?" 2,150 words, for [ profile] shinyrock6498. [Tumblr; journal]

15. An Unorthodox Pedagogical Approach: Naga and Kakashi take their genin teams on a joint D-rank mission. There is no way this can possibly go wrong. Part of the Apartment Manager AU. Prompt: If you’re willing (and can without spoilers), I would love a future fic showing Naruto, Shinnin, and Sakura working together as a team while on a mission. 300 words, for [ profile] wistfulmemory. [Tumblr; journal]

16. Part of Your World: Rose asks Jade to move in with her. Jade/Rose, sequel to New Roots. Prompt: Jade, Rose, prompt word: adventure. 675 words, for [ profile] gracefularchitect. (Also a Cotton Candy Bingo fill!) [Tumblr; journal]

[food] (Microwave) baked apple

Oct. 5th, 2015 10:28 pm
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I appear to be on something of a comfort-food kick this month; so far that's meant macaroni cheese with lots of sweetcorn (favourite school dinner at primary school: macaroni cheese, sweetcorn, chips), a replica of my sixth form's canteen's kind of awful penne arrabbiata, endless bagels + cream cheese + black pepper + cucumber, and then yesterday baked apples as my mother used to make them when I was small and sad (and her mother before her, and so on).

What you do is this: you take an apple (slightly elderly and wrinkled is optimal); you core it; and you pack the hole left by the core with a mixture of sugar (preferably brown), raisins (or equivalent), and cinnamon/ground mixed spice/etc nach Geschmack. If you overestimated the amount of filling, you dump it in a microwave-safe bowl with the apple and a teaspoon of water (if you didn't overestimate, you can skip the teaspoon of water) and stick it in the microwave for five minutes.

It is fine as is, or if you are feeling enthusiastic it goes well with vanilla ice-cream or custard or browned butter or what have you.

This is also doable in a conventional oven but I never have; the cooking temperature and duration are left as an exercise for the reader.
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The proximate impetus to write this is that I'm trying to get back into the swing of technical, information-dense long-form writing. The motivation with respect to content, however, is that there's a whole lot of information about all this stuff and I found it utterly overwhelming when I was first seriously looking at mobility aids, especially in a cultural context that is hellbent on insisting that it's far more important that we look "normal" than that we be comfortable or capable. Form over function, as applied to people, is something that makes me particularly cross. Ergo.

The focus of this guide is manual wheelchairs for everyday active independent use by people who can stand and walk to some extent.


  • Orientation

    • Price points
    • There are lots of correct choices

  • Decisions

    • Materials
    • Frame
    • Footplates
    • Wheels
    • Seating
    • Additional features

  • Process

    • Measurements
    • Acquisition

  • Recommendations

    • Accessories
    • Aspirational

Read more... )

Come Cook With Me

Oct. 5th, 2015 10:32 am
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Occasionally cooking at the co-op involves enticement.

I can cook alone tomorrow
if need be
but I'd much prefer some

put down your books &
take up spice
you know you want to
dance 'n dice

tomorrow, tomorrow
yes you can
do step up to sign up to
glam by pan

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

[film] World On Fire; The Martian

Oct. 5th, 2015 11:12 am
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World On Fire (2011; apparently also called Miami Magma and Swamp Volcano) is something I picked up a few years ago while creating a collection of Terrible Geology Movies; I finally got around to watching it on Saturday night and it was actually surprisingly good.

I mean. Not the science, obviously; the science was gloriously wrong in all the ways one hopes for when one goes about buying this manner of thing. (THAT IS NOT HOW LAVA TUBES. THAT IS NOT HOW OIL FORMATION. THAT IS NOT HOW LAVA. :D) But... it passed Bechdel repeatedly (because the female PI kept talking to her younger sister, a "volcanology prodigy", about science); male characters died in a way that would have been fridging for the sake of the women's character development except they were too busy doing cool science to care particularly; bonus terrible CGI; and mind-bendingly wrong data security. A+ will probably watch again.

The Martian (2015) I unabashedly adore, because it is full of brave space robots and also brave space people and people making hard decisions as best they can and diversity in science and loyalty and brave space potatoes and did I mention the space robots. I cried most of the way through it (BRAVE. SPACE. ROBOTS.), I about corpsed when I muttered to [personal profile] shortcipher "... is that Sebastian Stan" and received the response "[confused look] who's Sebastian Stan?"

Laughed out loud several times in addition to crying, applauded it a fair bit, was gently horrified by the approach to spacewalks but whatever, am now intending to actually acquire and read the book. Probably also the DVD, because I think this can go on my safe shelf. Much gratitude to my useless ex for coaxing me out of the house and to the cinema.
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One funny (for certain values of funny) thing about taking this tax course is that I get Official Instruction in how to handle stuff that's going to show up on my own return this year. Unemployment compensation? Yup. Tuition adjustments? Haven't hit that yet, but yup.

I already knew how to do interest and dividends and the stupid Capital Gains tax worksheet which I have to use every single year because some blather about Liz's personal financial history )

I had someone at Not the IRS do my taxes last year, but I am unsure whether I'll do them on company software again this year. If that gets taken out of a paycheck, which is what happens to receptionist types (I mean, it's pre-tax rather than post-tax, but even so), then I think I would rather do them at home in pencil and paper as I'd always previously done. I am quite sure I could have figured out unemployment and tuition stuff on my own if I'd wanted to last year. I just got lazy and decided not to download a twenty-zillion page PDF with the relevant instructions. But I think tax preparers get some discount certificates and stuff, and in any case I would be doing my own taxes rather than getting a coworker to do them for me, so perhaps this year doing my taxes through the company would be free. And in that case, you damn well bet I'll let the software do all the writing for me.

Linkspam Returns From Liminal Spaces

Oct. 4th, 2015 08:27 pm
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Hrishikesh Hirway @ Song Exploder: Episode 28: The Long Winters
On February 1st, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart while reentering the earth’s atmosphere. John Roderick, singer and songwriter of The Long Winters, wrote “The Commander Thinks Aloud” about that fateful moment.

Jamie Shreeve @ National Geographic: This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?
Berger himself thinks the right metaphor for human evolution, instead of a tree branching from a single root, is a braided stream: a river that divides into channels, only to merge again downstream.

Caleb O'Brien & Sammi Dowdell @ Mongabay: The best defense is a good bee-fence
That observation led researcher Lucy King to develop a novel technique to prevent elephants from raiding crops: fences with beehives suspended from the wires.

John Timmer @ Ars Technica: Pluto’s moon Charon shows fractured surface, signs of recent activity
Ross Beyer of NASA Ames Research Center was quoted in a statement as saying, “We thought the probability of seeing such interesting features on this satellite of a world at the far edge of our Solar System was low.” [See pic behind cut] )

Robert Krulwich @ National Geographic's Phenomena: Every Solar System Image You’ve Ever Seen is Wrong. Till Now.
Two wonderful filmmakers, Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh, figured out what’s wrong with every image of the solar system we’ve ever seen. In every one, they say, space gets cheated. Planets get exaggerated. And in their short film To Scale: The Solar System [link], they fix that.

Yuletide nominations

Oct. 4th, 2015 03:04 pm
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Yay, my Yuletide noms got approved! I suspect some of them might be duplicates, but they weren't listed on the nomination-coordinating spreadsheet and I have had years where I skipped nominations on the theory that "Fandom X always gets nominated anyway" and then had Fandom X not actually be nominated, so. There's also the issue of making sure the characters you want are available to request, which is sometimes irrelevant but other times matters a great deal; this year falls into the latter case for me.

Basically I made sure I could make my perennial The Lions of Al-Rassan prompt (will this be the year it finally gets filled???), my Karla-gets-a-happy-sex-life prompt, and a new idea for Darkangel fic that occurred to me recently and which I would love to read: namely, something about Syllva and Eryka and their relationship as sisters, travelers, and sometime-rulers of Isternes and various points west, because sisters are awesome and I want to know more about them as the heroes of their own stories rather than background figures in their children's stories. (That nomination took longest to approve, probably because Syllva and Eryka did not previously exist in AO3's tagging system.) I will doubtless make one or two other requests as well -- I am always up for fic about The Dispossessed, for example, or maybe Daredevil (616 version) if that makes it through, because I want someone to properly develop Milla Donovan beyond her love for Matt, dammit! -- but other people were already taking care of those fandoms so I didn't need to bother. :D


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