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Nov. 25th, 2015 05:46 pm
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where I will abruptly realise that one of the men I love simply does not know something that so thoroughly permeates my experiences of the world that I barely even think to mention it.

Content notes for misogyny and gender policing and violence and all that good stuff.

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Haiku: "Wishes"

Nov. 24th, 2015 05:34 pm
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For K-; for anyone who needs them.

I hope you sleep safe
have words come when you need them
and joys repeated


the deluge approacheth

Nov. 24th, 2015 01:25 pm
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Things done today:

1. Dropped off book donation
2. Dropped off clothes donation
3. Emptied a bunch of stuff into compost
4. Took out trash
5. Watered plants
6. Continued to tidy junk in apartment
7. Scheduled civil service exam for next week (part of a LONG job application process)

(I really, really want the job in question. It sounds like easy work for which I am well-qualified, and it pays a good $10,000 more per year than I have ever earned in my life. Also, health insurance.)

Anyway, my parents should arrive at about 4-4:30pm, by which time I will be at work. Vicky and Aunt Cara will arrive separate at some point after that; Vicky will set up in my front room, and Aunt Cara will set up at her motel. They will all go together to the restaurant where we have a 7:45pm reservation. I will walk there after work and meet them.

Wednesday is for vineyard touring, and then my family does... something... while I'm at work for four hours. Thursday is Thanksgiving, obviously. (The health garage is duly closed and I have the day off.) And Friday Aunt Cara leaves early, while the rest of us may do a family breakfast before Mom, Dad, and Vicky hit the road and I head in to work early because some of the other front office staff took an extra vacation day and I was offered the option of covering for them. (Which neatly compensates for losing Thursday's hours/pay, so of course I said yes.)

Yay holidays?

(During the cleaning/tidying process, I have looked into boxes I'd forgotten I owned, and wow, there are some BIG decluttering opportunities waiting for me once I have my apartment to myself again. *rubs hands in anticipation*)
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Hullo! Suddenly, we are in 'homg, it's freakin' cold out there!!' mode. While my work's thermostats are like some kind of insane roller coaster. I wear fleece leggings and a skirt and two or three layers of shirts and fuzzy socks and boots and *freeze*, and the next day i'm sitting there wondering if i can go in the bathroom and strip off a layer or two.

Just *leave the thermostats alone*, guys. Sheesh. No wonder I keep getting sick. (Well, that and the fact that the 'cleaning crew' they hired don't actually *clean anything*, as witness the little bits of paper and things i put in random places around my desk/shelf. Four days later, they are still there, in plain damn site. And wow, is that the little drift of pencil shavings someone spilled two weeks ago? Yup, still there. ARRGH.

Anyway - herein is part three of the 'Bucky is back and recovery is not linear' fic i work at on and off. Again, many thanks to [ profile] darkhavens for her excellent and effortless beta-ing. Thanks, bb! :)

Also at AO3.

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