Poem: "Devoiced, Envoicing"

Oct. 1st, 2014 08:37 pm
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Day 7 of laryngitis:
paper as assistive tech
makes speech corporeal,
past words wadded up
like used tissues.

New pet peeve:
people calling me on the phone
when they know I have laryngitis.
What are they expecting?
(I reject call, text back
I am all-textual
genie of the text)

I start wearing a 'BTW' post-it
with "I've got laryngitis"
stuck to my chest
that I can point to in lieu
of pointing at my neck
and making a funny face.

(Maybe I should put that
in my voicemail message?
Oh wait)

Somewhere between farce
and frustration, scribbled text
and gestured connotation,
I persist:
I make myself heard

my sentences, unmoored
from my mouth, persist beyond me

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back to part 42

At long last, I have defeated the evil illustrations! I mean, they're pretty cruddy illustrations, but we all knew they were going to be cruddy, so what the heck. I would like to get this episode wrapped up by the end of October, after which I will throw the floor open to suggestions for the next episode.

(Yes, I know I said this section was going to be Aradia's POV. I lied. *angelic smile*)

Trollstuck: Make Her Pay, part 43 )

*dusts hands, puts away art supplies*

aaaaaaaah ;________________;

Oct. 2nd, 2014 12:38 am
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thank you all so, so much; I cannot even; I-- thank you. Thank you. Poems & individual thanks to come (though I am struggling to match up some of your names-as-reported-to-me with names-I-know-you-as).

I do not the words, at least not right now. <333

pepper beauty pageant time!

Oct. 1st, 2014 06:11 pm
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We've had really warm weather in Ithaca this past week or two, but as of this weekend the forecast drops to the 50s and low 60s during the days, and down into the 40s at night, so I think I will bring Mom's pepper indoors. (It's only just flowered; it's the most delicate.) I will probably bring the others indoors as well within another week or two, to give them extra growing/ripening time. My kitchen doesn't get the best light in the world, but at least it's warm.

peppers, Oct. 1, 2014
all my peppers, Wednesday Oct. 1, 2014

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Summary: When the Dawn Treader turned and began rowing west, Caspian thought he would never recover from the piercing sweetness of the uttermost East. (325 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

As through a Glass, with Joy )


That was not remotely what I expected to write for that word, nor was it an area of canon I ever thought I'd deal with, but hey, I'll take it. *wry* I picked this name for Ramandu's daughter years ago, when I had a notion to write a story in which the Lady of the Green Kirtle conspired with Queen Prunaprismia to conquer Narnia while Caspian was away on his voyage, but I never had any reason to use it until now.
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I have been reading through this year's Narnia Fic Exchange stories with great enjoyment. I am not done yet, even though there are only twenty-five of them. This is because I try to take more time with gift exchange fics, and leave thoughtful comments.

I think I do that partly as a sort of interest payment on my normal utter failure at leaving feedback ("kudos" and "like" options are a godsend, seriously), and partly because I know that I spend the anonymous portion of such fests twitchy and nervous, wondering if people will like my work without my name attached to it. I mean, not that I have all that much name recognition to start with, but I have a little simply by virtue of kicking around various fandoms for twelve years now. There is value in being a known quantity. And I figure that if I feel nervous, at least some other writers probably do too, so I want to say, "Yes, people are reading your work and responding positively!"

This can, of course, get tricky with some stories, depending on the subject matter and the writer's skill level, but there is always something you can pick out and say, "I liked this metaphor," or "I liked how happy everyone seemed," or "You got the melancholy mood across very clearly," or "I had never thought of X that way, but you have convinced me it's an interpretation worth examining," etcetera ad infinitum. And you just shut up and don't mention the parts that are Not Your Ship, Not Your Kink, Not Your Writing Style, or whatever, unless you know the writer is okay with concrit in a public arena... which, given that the stories are usually anonymous at the time, you have no way to be sure of. So be polite. :-)

(I guess this maybe sounds like I advocate fraudulent praise as payment for participation? That's not what I mean, though. My praise can be extremely selective in focus -- I would never deny that -- but if I say I liked an element of a story, I honestly mean that I liked that element.)
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I have just received a quotation of £500 for repairs to and return shipping of one of my wheels. This is particularly frustrating because the problem started when I was wheeling on a level, even indoor surface (rather than being obviously related to any of the kerb-hopping I do), and consequently is being treated as a mechanical/electrical fault not covered by my insurance. Plus the wretched thing is out of warranty.

This is something I can do out of my savings, with a great deal of stress and a trip to Cambridge and eroding my buffer. Or it's a term's worth of teaching, but I'm not certain I'm going to even get teaching (pay rates increased by a whole 30p/hr, which means that the number of graduate demonstrators has been dramatically reduced, with undergrad TAs taking up some but not all of the slack). And, yeah, I feel pretty dreadful asking for help given that I could cover it, but--

-- if you like my art & essays, and only if you have anything to spare without making things harder for yourself, I would be enormously grateful if you could chuck some money my way. My paypal is kaberett@gmail.com; if you don't like Paypal (entirely understandable!) I can also provide my details for bank transfer (or, you know, work something else out). Currently at approximately £500 - thank you so, so much <3

Regardless of whether you want or are able to chip in on this (really, I mean it <3), comments are open for prompts for poems. They'll likely be shortish and a kissing cousin to flash fiction, but this is true of most of the stuff I write, so.

eta aaaaaaaaaaaah ;____; <333


Sep. 30th, 2014 09:19 am
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Today is a departmental away day, at which I would actually like to be.

Last night was insomnia.

This morning it became rapidly apparent that I was moving slowly enough that I'd be late unless I didn't take the wheelchair, but that that would mean using the provided seating all day which in my current state would wreck me even worse for the rest of the week.

It was also pretty clear that I wasn't up to getting the chair out of the house by myself, and definitely not up to negotiating the underground or buses with it.

So I am still in bed, feeling guilty and also angry at my limitations.

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Summary: Ekanu rides the wind, but not as a leaf. She is a bird, and will always return to her home. (300 words)

Note: Look, it's original fiction! \o/

So, okay, things I may not have mentioned about Ekanu. She does eventually end up in a stable relationship with Ain h'sut chung h'Ril of Pythas, but it's not a closed relationship. He stays in one place and raises their daughter, but Ekanu never stays put anywhere for more than a few years. And when they're apart from each other, it's understood that they can love as they will. (This is partly a Domaris cultural thing, and partly a personal negotiation.)

This freedom results in two "outside" sexual relationships on Ekanu's part: one with Joú Shaha Vagyu, a fisherwoman of Rudara, which is a mostly coastal saltwater marsh country on the Inner Sea of Nivenos, and one with Refan sin Alar, an Akhite mystic living in Talstrom in the rural lands around the holy city of Ikhalla. There's also her ongoing relationship with Kadeotak, her old best friend/lover from the Ice, but that predates everyone else in her life -- yes, even Denifar -- so it's not really the same category.

Anyway, Ekanu is in her early forties in this ficlet. Refan is about ten years younger.

Migration of Souls )


You know, I should really finish "Harvest" one of these days...

[poem] Still

Sep. 29th, 2014 11:37 pm
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I turn to you. When
my voice falls silent, when
I find I cannot speak, when
my tiredness stretches taut
and every sliver of awareness
hums distantly with pain, monotone and dull:
still, I turn to you.

You absent yourself from any map
I'd care to draw - and in so doing
create for me this space,
let radiate a sense
that nonetheless there irgendwo exists
a solitary wellspring, pouring quiet
out onto my landscape of debris.
Is it a kindness that this
patient sort of strength
rubs grit into my wounds and smooths
them out? Perhaps. I live in hope -
should I freeze over - I will find
my feet (at last) and teach myself to skate;
to dance unmoving with reflections of my skies.

for J.J.

Introductions meme is up to date!

Sep. 29th, 2014 10:02 pm
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Yep (189 comments!). But I'm afraid I'm closing it to new requests for introductions, because it has been nearly a month and I'm still being super slow about writing them. HOWEVER, I am intending to run a love meme in November, so more chances for nice things then. ♥
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The other weekend I was killing time at KGX/St Pancras with D; our wanderings took us through an expensive chocolate shop, several book shops, and a branch of Jo Malone, where I picked up four sample strips and tried two perfumes on the skin.
  • Lime, Basil & Mandarin was Your Citrus Friend in ways that weren't sufficiently exciting to me for me to want to try it on the skin. (I have many citrus friends.)
  • Earl Grey & Cucumber was fascinating, in a very... cucumberish sort of a way. This is something I am contemplating trying on the skin next time I hang around, precisely because it's not a flavour combination I'd really considered before and... yeah. Wow, etc. Out of cowardice that this would go weird on me, it's again not something I actually tried. (Well, that and I was running out of skin by this point.)
  • Blackberry & Bay is one I tried on. Sadly it wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped and went through a prolonged bubble-bath stage in dry-down; it ends up somewhere in the vicinity of BPAL's Glasgow, of which I already own a bottle, so I definitely won't be acquiring any of that.
  • Wood, Sage & Sea Salt I adored. Ended up mostly as slightly tangy woods, but I was completely sold - it is a very "me" sort of scent. Which means I've got a lot that's quite like it and I therefore need to think very carefully before considering an actual purchase, and on the other hand I'm fairly sure the thing I was wanting to wear yesterday was, er, this, so... heh.

I'm also finally getting around to my latest BPALs (Metamorphoses and a Neil Gaiman decant circle).
  • Red-Spotted Purple wants to be your overenthusiastic citrus-scented cleaning-product friend. It is described as "white thyme, yuzu fruit, hinoki wood, blue cedar, white carnation, plum rind, white mandarin, and lime-tinted white musk." On wet, it is yuzu fruit all over, and then the thyme starts coming through. I tend to amp BPAL's white musk and indeed that shows up pretty early in drydown (within 5 minutes or so), but the yuzu is holding its own here in a way that impresses me. On me it is sharper and less juicy-mandarin than it is in the bottle: it ends up at your overenthusiastic citrus-scented cleaning-product friend that wants to cut people on your behalf. I am glad I got a half-bottle. ;)
  • The Other Hot Chocolate I wore a few days ago; "even though she knew she would like it she could not bring herself to taste the hot chocolate." It is rich and smooth and velvety and exactly what I wanted. Comforting in a slightly sinister way, though the lurking sense of threat might just be the name.

Don't quite the energy to tackle the rest of them (I've also got Lacus Solitudinis and Goatweed Leafwing from Metamorphosis; The Cat from NG; and sniffies of prototypes of two iterations of Butterscotch Balls & Black Beetles; two iterations of Silas; The Other Hot Chocolate; and The Beldam. If I'm feeling really competent, I'll write up comparisons of TOHCs and BB&BBs...)


Sep. 29th, 2014 06:07 pm
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Today is not a happy day brainwise.

tada )


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