stuff done: Saturday-Thursday

Oct. 21st, 2016 04:25 pm
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Obviously I fed and walked Dottie every day; take that as read. :) Beyond that, though...

1. Confirmed the two days I am swapping with my coworker. (Hmm. Miss Cactus, maybe? Not for any personality reasons; she just grows a lot of succulents as a hobby.) Also wrote down my vacation day schedule for November and December, and passed it on to Mom for use in family holiday planning.

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I also got through several chapters of rereading for my Yuletide assignment, and am noticing all kinds of layers to the work in question that I missed on my first two times through. (The first time, it's because the cover art and back cover text gave me slightly misaimed expectations of what type of story I was in for, and I was hurrying ahead to reach elements that never really appeared the way I thought they were going to. The second time I think it's just that I was relatively young and therefore lacking in a certain sense of perspective, and also that I wasn't reading with a specific eye out for details because I was not intending to use it as source material for fanfic.)
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context: "Oh wow, Wednesday night parkour class is *amazing*, I think I've found my replacement for Mondays!"

Lovely Yuletide author, are you into any movement practices? Anything to do with how different people move differently through space - all those little nuances of pace and rhythm and posture - is totally my jam right now. Akata Witch has some of this foregrounded with Sunny, who shifts into classic dance movement when she summons her spirit face, and goodness, Mars, whole different baseline for gravity right there. (If people getting off ships have sea legs, would people getting off spaceships have cramped-from-too-little-space legs? Heh.) Bren Cameron in the Foreigner series tends to notice subtler movements, particularly Guild and staff - there's a great description from his POV of Algini unusually resplendent and quietly satisfied pacing into the room at one point, which never actually references cats but brings that kind of lithe 'little /emperor without a realm, /conquistador without a country, /smallest tiger in the salon' entrance instantly to mind. Pumzi's weird interesting communication stuff with very little direct speech voiced (I'd have to check to be sure, but it may even be that all the speech is computer-generated/computer-filtered?) tends to magnify the unspoken speech of body language; I could see Asha or Binti's POV being very attuned to body movement, and tending toward kind of extra explicit body movement you see actors do in old silent films where people are trying to speak with as much nuance and clarity as they can without any words.

wherein Liz debates job fairs

Oct. 19th, 2016 05:39 pm
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I am debating whether I want to bother updating my resume tonight (and printing several copies at the library tomorrow because I have not yet gotten around to buying new ink for my stupid printer) in order to attend a job fair in Cortland tomorrow afternoon. I mean, on the one hand networking is good and it would be really sweet if I could land a full-time job. On the other hand, I am just really tired this week and I was looking forward to an afternoon chilling with Dottie on my lap while I get some solid rereading done for my Yuletide assignment -- not to mention I have only just been settling in to my current job and it feels weird to be trying to ditch it already.

Also tomorrow is meant to be very rainy and I don't like doing big go-out-and-people activities when it's raining. Rainy days are for being mellow. Job fairs are not mellow. (Useful! But about as far from mellow as I can imagine.)


I should update my resume on general principles anyway. I can decide about the job fair in the morning.

hockey holiday exchange 2016

Oct. 17th, 2016 05:29 pm
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Dear author,

First of all, thanks for being here! I'm pumped to read whatever it is you wanna write about the things I wanna read! I basically fell in love with Canada's top line over the WCoH so my prompts have something of a theme...

Unsurprisingly, for any combination of Patrice Bergeron/Brad Marchand/Sidney Crosby that I've requested, I'd love something WCoH-centric. Slices of life before, during, and after the tournament. Like for example, before the tournament, Sid and Marchy have been working out together during the summers in Nova Scotia for the past few years, and I'd love something about their growing relationship. I love hometown feelings, the comfort being on your own turf. idk if there's rivalry between Cole Harbour and Hammonds Plains or what, lol (that would be great), but I'd love stuff like them showing each other where they skated as kids and where they hung out, stuff like that. Speaking of which, Bergy came to Halifax before the WCoH to bond and skate around, so that's prime fodder for that kind of thing right there. But bonding during the tournament or celebrating the win, those are all A+ too.

Whether it's threesome, or two of them are together and the third one knows or finds out, or two of them are together and no one else knows. What else do I love, I love emotional game description, I love those moments during games. Like, what was going through their heads when Marchy scored the GWG short-handed, for example? That "thrill of victory, agony of defeat" stuff, I eat it up with a spoon.

On a Bergy/Marchy note, Bergy said that he wasn't really worried that Marchy was gonna leave the Bruins by the time they got to final contract negotiations, but I'd be curious about the journey to how they both got to be this confident that they would both stay in Boston together, if that's an angle you want to explore. The worry and uncertainty and stumbling to each other. Also, I found this in my notes somewhere: DONT PLAY POND HOCKEY ON THE HAUNTED POND OR YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THRU SOME ORPHEUS-ASS SHIT TO GET YOUR BOYFRIEND BACK. I would love that premise for Marchy/Bergy, except with a happier ending lol

On Sid/Marchy note, this thing on my tumblr. On a general note, hockey's pretty much all I tumbl about these days so if you're curious to see how I feel about stuff and things, go ahead and click through.

To go to the other side of the spectrum, the AU that I've been thinking about a lot is one of them is a forest spirit and their woods are in danger of being clear-cut, so the other person (or people, if it's OT3) tries to stop this travesty. Or! A sailor(s) keeps getting lost at sea, and they figure out that it's because one of the stars he navigates by is missing from the sky. The star is the other half/third of the ship.

Good luck, author, and thanks again!

xoxo Las

stuff done: Saturday-Friday

Oct. 14th, 2016 10:22 pm
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I think from now on, work is going to become one of the background events I don't bother to mention. Just take it as read that I am working three days a week unless I specifically say otherwise. :)

Anyway, the list!

1. Drove down to NJ on Saturday to pick up Dottie for another stint of dogsitting. Drove back on Sunday with the dog in tow. This time I remembered to bring Aunt Cara's present with me -- Mom had it sent to my apartment when she pre-ordered it, because the shipping date overlapped with one of their summer trips.

I have been feeding Dottie twice a day, walking her twice a day, and piddling her in the afternoon except on Tuesday when Upstairs Neighbor E took care of that for me so I didn't lose my lunch break at work.

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14. Mixed a new batch of dental hygiene water for Dottie after the old one ran out today. I also made several new meal additive containers, by combining little blobs of frozen wet food with some of the pre-cooked vegetables Mom also sent along. At the moment, I am two containers short of what I will need to use before my parents pick Dottie up next Friday. I have a whole bunch more wet food blobs (Mom packed them in a large Tupperware, in layers separated by wax paper) but I ran out of pre-cooked vegetables. So I think I will buy a bigger yellow squash than usual when I go grocery shopping tomorrow evening (I have made a list) and use a few slices as Dottie-food instead of putting the whole thing into a batch of veggie sidedish.
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Yesterday afternoon Hotmail stopped working for me -- or rather, Hotmail stopped working in Chrome, which is a problem since Chrome is my default browser. After getting an unhelpful response to a support ticket (basically, 'the problem isn't us, it's all Google, go bug them'), I did some searching and determined the issue was probably one of my extensions... which is annoying since I hardly have any extensions in the first place and they're all doing important things.

It turned out to be my ad-blocker. We are all completely shocked and surprised. So I tweaked the settings to make it be nicer to Microsoft and whaddaya know, I can access my email again! (Fortunately the tweak didn't make the extension stop working; it's just gone back to blocking only the sidebar ads instead of, apparently, the entire domain. *sigh*)
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This post is a response to a question meme for fic writers from Tumblr.

[ profile] rollinginbooks asked: 1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you're introducing

But like, introducing into what kind of story? And in what role? Because how I introduce a person depends very much on what they are going to do, and what they do depends (obviously!) on genre and story length and stuff.

For example:


1. Liz Culmer lived possibly the most boring, predictable life known to humankind. She had spent many years very carefully arranging it that way, so she would have more time for reading and writing, and was often quietly happy as a result.

This state of peace and solitude lasted until one month before her thirty-fifth birthday, at which point her younger sister abruptly quit her own job, broke the lease on her apartment, and moved three hundred and fifty miles north to take up residence in Liz's spare room while she worked on 'finding herself'.

Liz was halfway convinced she and Vicky would murder each other within a week. But family was family. And she had to admit, it might be nice to have somebody around who knew all the parts of herself she'd let fall by the wayside over the years.

Maybe, on some level, she'd also been looking for a change...


2. "Werewolves," Liz said flatly.

"Well, sort of," said the woman who'd knocked insistently on the door of Liz's apartment at the barbarous hour of nine AM, introduced herself as Lindsay Martinez, and announced that the dog attack Liz had halfway thought was a hallucination (dog bites, in her understanding, did not simply vanish overnight) had in fact been something even more implausible. "Were-everything, really. People only shift into one animal each, but it can be pretty much anything you have a tangential awareness of. I'm a were-parakeet, for instance."

"That's nice?" Liz said. She twisted the copper ring on her right middle finger around and around, and wished she had something more substantial to do with her hands. Like filling out a form. Or maybe dismantling a retractable pen. Something that would let her feel like she still had a grip on the world. "Um. So, if it's not all wolves, is the thing about the moon...?"

Ms. Martinez shrugged and smiled in a way Liz knew intimately: the customer service expression that said she'd heard this question a thousand times before but didn't hold it against Liz for asking the thousand-and-first time, because everybody did and she'd long since come out the other side of annoyance into weary and vaguely amused acceptance. "I'm afraid so, at least for the first year or two. We'll want you to come to our safehouse for your first shift, of course, in case it turns out to be something awkward."

"Right. Yeah. That makes sense," Liz said, and wished she could think of more intelligent questions to ask. She'd just learned magic was real (for some value of magic, anyway), and all she could think of was that this felt like every job interview she'd ever gone on, only without the chance of earning money at the end.

She'd probably turn into some kind of newt. That seemed to be the way her life was going these days.


3. When Sneha and Jill hurried into the rental office five minutes before it closed, there was a new woman at the front desk: white (they were always white), round face, short hair, and looking faintly annoyed for a second before she dredged up a bright, professional smile. "Are you here for a package?" she asked, setting down the cell phone she'd been fiddling with.

"Yeah, uh, for both of us," Jill said, setting her carryout box on the counter.

"Mine's actually for my roommate," Sneha added. "She has an evening class but she really wants it tonight. Is it okay if I pick stuff up for her?"

"Absolutely," the woman said, standing up from her chair and walking toward the package counter. "What's your apartment number?"


The first is clearly a story about two sisters and how a change in one's life spills over to affect the other. Right now it's contemporary realist litfic; it could veer into more interesting genres, but probably not in a really dramatic way since I didn't signal that in the opening paragraphs. The second is obviously urban fantasy, and the main character is strongly implied to be suffering from depression. And the third could be anything, except I'm not the main character and the POV characters don't care much about me. :)

(All of these stories have been fictionalized to various degrees, btw.)

wherein Liz plays with clay

Oct. 12th, 2016 10:35 pm
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When I went to NJ to dognap Dottie in September, I dropped by the pottery studio where my friend Susan works and made two rather awkward pinch pots for an event/project the studio was doing. My latest dognapping venture (this past weekend) happened to overlap the sale days for those pots (proceeds to benefit two local charities), so I figured I'd buy them if they were still available, which they were. And now here I am with two new pots and no clear idea what to do with them.

I'm toying with the idea of trying to propagate new jade plants from my big tentacle-y jade plant, and then maybe giving them to people as gifts next year...?

But anyway, two pots! Susan picked the glazes; the designs, however, are all me. The first is just a geometric thing that looked nice to me, with no deeper significance. The second is a simplified variant of one of the infinitely extendable border designs I used to doodle around my notebooks in high school and college. I have included an example (sketched really quick in MS Paint) of the full design for comparison purposes -- as you can see, I didn't try to put the bubbles or the indication of sand/seafloor onto the pot.

blue bowl, side view . blue bowl, top view

verdigris bowl, side view . verdigris bowl, top view . verdigris bowl, slightly different side view

stylized fish and seaweed sketch

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