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Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:29 am
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By happy coincidence, my volume of bookshelves have doubled this week just as the check for winning a book prize came through. There is a glorious edged exhilaration in putting in an order of multiple books at my favorite indie bookstore, especially after such a long stretch of being a stickler about either borrowing books from the library or winnowing my collection in balance of acquiring.

List of books behind the cut )
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The Remix Madness archive is open as of yesterday. Go! Read! And specifically, read the two ficlets that wonderful people wrote based on some of my own work.

First we have Truth and Nothing But Truth (In Song and Story remix): Edmund wants to establish newspapers, but he keeps running into problems. Do newspapers print the truth? A missing scene from "In Song and Story" by Elizabeth Culmer. (350 words)

This is based on In Song and Story, which is, unsurprisingly, about Edmund's attempt to establish a Narnian newspaper, which he hopes will quash the tradition of conveying news through not-always-terribly-accurate (and often embarrassing) narrative songs. Here he runs into yet more incomprehension of exactly what a newspaper is, and also a pertinent caution raised by Peridan.

And second, we have Slide Into A Choice (The Illusionary Perfection Remix): Eve has a choice, and she will make it. Eve/fem!Serpent. (325 words)

This is based on Thelema, a three-sentence ficlet I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23 back in 2011, in response to the prompt: girl!Serpent/Eve, it's Madam and Eve and they don't need Adam. The remix focuses less on the garden and more on the relationship between Eve and the Serpent, and decompresses the scenario to give Eve time to consider her choice. And she chooses only for herself, because no one should decide anyone else's life for them.

Three Things Turned Out To Openings

Jun. 30th, 2015 10:00 am
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1. On my way to work last week I found a four-inch dragonfly flipped over on the sidewalk from the sheer force of the wind. I gave it a lift in my bag to a park a few blocks away, and left it huddled under a bush. What wings! what weird luminous stripes of green on black! I feel like I'm ringing with the brush of it yet. What winged things have you seen lately, if any?

2. I've been slow to admit to myself that my baseline anxiety has been cranked to high these last two months. My mother, self-elected president of Get 'Er Done & No Excuses, pointed out that finally finishing up my degree this fall marks a big transition, and it's normal to feel anxiety about big transitions. Oh. I think I've got so used to pathologizing my lows that I forget they can also be normal reactions to stuff happening in my life. Anyone who feels comfortable sharing, how do you cope with experiencing anxiety? When do you make space for it, and when do you push it away?

3. When I was a kid, I used to reread certain books periodically until some inner threshold of desired reliving was satisfied... ) As I've aged, and my time for reading has shrunk, I reread much less, and I tend to do my rereading in spurts — no rereading at all for months to years upon years, then suddenly I'll feel compelled to devour Collin's the Moonstone or the entirety of Bujold' Vorkosigan saga one after the other as if there was some timer in the back of my head ticking down to when I'd forgotten enough details of key plot points and/or accumulated enough new life experience to revisit a particular book or series with fresh eyes.

Do you reread things? If so, what kinds of things — are there particular books, fic, comments or emails, poems, [insert written thing here], you feel especially drawn to revisiting? Do you tend to reread stuff when [X] happens, you feel [Y], just because, something else entirely?
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Hey everyone! Remix Redux 12 is live, and I would like to make you aware of my gift!

Skies of Summer (Dare to Hope Remix): Ariadne seems to have an innate talent for building in dreams, but Arthur knows there are other virtues she'll need to be truly successful. (2,600 words)

This is based on Skies of Summer, a Cotton Candy Bingo fill I wrote last year. It's an Ariadne & Arthur friendship fic, and also a little exploration into the practicalities of building a convincing and stable dreamworld. The remix shifts into Arthur's POV to show that he's studying Ariadne as much as she's studying him, and also details the picnic dream that I skipped over in my own fic.

Go read it; it's lovely! ♥♥♥


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