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Jan. 26th, 2015 12:18 pm
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I said I'd report back, so here is the report:

What I did was take three chicken thighs, one green bell pepper, one medium-sized onion, and about half of a 28oz. can of diced tomatoes, put them in the crockpot, and add one Lipton Recipe Secrets Savory Herb with Garlic packet and about a quarter of a bottle of white wine. Then I cooked the whole mess for a little over nine hours, mostly on low.

If I do this again, I will drain some of the tomato juice into the sink rather than put it in the pot, and probably use a little less wine, since the resulting sauce was a bit more watery than I'd really prefer. I might also add a smidge of cumin and/or chili powder for increased flavor. But it tasted fine on top of some elbow noodles for dinner last night. :-)

A Thing Belated

Jan. 25th, 2015 08:53 pm
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I wrote a Yuletide thing! Many thanks to [personal profile] luzula for assistance brainstorming, and to [personal profile] kate_nepveu and [personal profile] stultiloquentia for general support.

From the Mountains of Un for edna_blackadder
The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster
Someone has built a Pay-Wall around the Sea of Knowledge. Luckily, there's a scientist on visit.

My research to words ratio this time was only mildly ridiculous; I spent a great deal of transit time playing with worldbuilding, and words. I made up many a collective noun
a gridlock of experts
a disquiet of armed men
an intensity of poets
a debate of scientists
a projection of psychologists
a precision of sloths
became convinced, weeks after reading Adam Gopnik's Broken Kingdoms article, that our contemporary 'story of self-education' succeeding Phantom Tollbooth is most likely Welcome To Night Vale; and came away with a kind of hilarified awe at Mr. Juster's continued virtuosity with pundom. (Case in point: Norton Juster and Jon Scieszka, PRESENT "Prinderella and the Cince" [vimeo].) And did I mention the The Phantom Tollbooth: Beyond Expectations documentary?

[Fic] "Sandedge" -- Homestuck

Jan. 25th, 2015 08:39 pm
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Today is Ladystuck reveal day! I wrote four fics this year: my assignment, a pinch hit, and two treats just because. I will talk about each in a separate post.


Sandedge: Unfortunately, when you turn around, you realize the cave was already occupied. Fortunately, the occupant can be reasoned with. (The Dolorosa meets the Disciple.) [1,325 words]


This is a treat written for [ profile] ratherrumpus, who asked for an exploration of the Dolorosa's relationship with the Disciple. It's kind of a sequel to an unwritten story about the Disciple's early childhood that I've been struggling with for over a year. That fic would start with a tiny, nameless, feral troll girl slowly and warily getting domesticated by the abbess of Sandedge, and end with her flight into the desert after the abbey's destruction. I'm not sure I'll ever figure out how to write that story, so it was nice to have a chance to pick up some of the background work and repurpose it in a slightly more hopeful setting.

The fic is part of my Ancestral Nights continuity, though I obviously couldn't add it to that series while the Ladystuck archives were still anonymous.

And now for a trivia note! I've mentioned the Sandedge spaceport twice in Trollstuck: Make Her Pay -- once as the location of a fight between the Summoner and the Grand Highblood, and once as a line in a wiggler rhyme that Vriska uses to disrupt Davven's thoughts and dialogue. So it's part of my general headcanon about the Ancestors and Alternia, though I haven't had a chance to explore it in detail, either as a spaceport or an abbey.
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Today is Ladystuck reveal day! I wrote four fics this year: my assignment, a pinch hit, and two treats just because. I will talk about each in a separate post.


The Rule of Threes: The day Aradia Megido arrived in New York, three important things happened, though she only noted two at the time. [1,375 words]


This is a treat, written for [ profile] ChameleonSerket. They requested a humanstuck modern magic AU with the following elements:

-Aradia, a hedgewitch in a small town with a talent for fortune telling and prediction, moves to a big seaside city to seek fame and fortune (or something like that anyway).
-Feferi, a very rich noble who is the most powerful seawitch that has been seen for decades.
-Jade, a mysterious witch living in Aradia's apartment block who may or may not have space altering powers.
-Finally, Rose who is a seer plagued by horrible rage filled episodes (possession?) with an affinity for both light and dark magics.

I didn't get Feferi on-page, but I managed the rest. As with "The Moons of Skaia," there's a much larger story I didn't have time to write -- in a very real sense, "The Rule of Threes" acts as the opening chapter for that unwritten fic. And again, maybe someday I will come back and see where the threads I laid will take me. :-)

[Fic] "New Roots" -- Homestuck

Jan. 25th, 2015 08:33 pm
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Today is Ladystuck reveal day! I wrote four fics this year: my assignment, a pinch hit, and two treats just because. I will talk about each in a separate post.


New Roots: I think a fic with gardener Jade and author Rose would be nice. Perhaps Rose was buying flowers for her mom, or Rose simply keeps a garden at home. Maybe Jade could be the person who helps Rose out, then discovers that Rose was the person who wrote Jade's favorite book. [2,300 words]


This is a pinch hit, written for [ profile] Ghost_Assist, because the prompt was too adorable to resist. Sometimes I just want to write something warm and fluffy, you know? And who can resist a flower shop meet-cute with lesbians. :-)

I had particular fun inventing an imaginary urban fantasy series for Rose to write and Jade to be a fan of. The Persephone Noir tetralogy is more or less described within the fic, but to summarize, it's about a young woman whose mother had an affair with a horrorterror and spent the rest of her life emotionally addicted to dark magic and trying to push her daughter into following her own path. Instead, Sephy becomes a hero, saves the world, and ends the series by breaking free from both of her parents' plans and influence.

I suspect that after Rose finishes her Complacency of the Learned series -- you may notice she's just published its first volume at the opening of the fic -- she writes another set of Persephone Noir books, in which Sephy meets an enthusiastic earth witch who wants to analyze magic from a scientific perspective. Together, they fight crime! (Er. I mean, they fight nameless things from beyond the walls of the universe. And possibly also shadowy government organizations. As one does.) Fans are divided over happiness at Sephy finally getting a steady girlfriend, and annoyance at the increased intrusion of romance plotlines into their dark action/adventure series. *evil grin*

(Also, yes, I know Jade really should have at least one assistant on the clock if she's running a store of that size. Please assume the assistant was out delivering some commissioned floral arrangements and returned shortly after Rose left. *blatantly handwaves*)
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Today is Ladystuck reveal day! I wrote four fics this year: my assignment, a pinch hit, and two treats just because. I will talk about each in a separate post.


The Moons of Skaia: Twelve sweeps after the Collapse, Justiciar Redglare came to the moons of Skaia on the trail of Her Imperious Condescension. [2,450 words]


This is my assignment, written for chthonianCrocuta (lovesthesoundof). I wrote a pinch hit for chthonianCrocuta last year because I fell in passionate infatuation with one of their prompts; apparently this trend holds true, because I wanted to write for all five of the prompts they made this year as well. In the event, "The Moons of Skaia" is only a response to three of them: one about linguistics, one about world-building a cultural melting-pot planet, and one about Redglare going about her life. I was going to squeeze in Redglare meeting Terezi as well -- that's kind of vaguely implied in the ending action of the fic -- but I realized that doing so would require me to write the whole plot of Redglare finding the Condesce, capturing or not capturing her, and so on. Sadly, I did not have time to do all of that by the exchange deadline, but I'd like to write more in this world someday, so... who knows!

I think the basic world-building is clear in the fic itself, but here are some details I wasn't able to make fully explicit on-page. This universe is a post-game mashup of the final iterations of both the humans' and trolls' universes, with some significant game-related additions. The Collapse is the name given to the moment when the new universe was created... except it came with a retroactive past, such that people remember both their lives in their old universes and in this one. (Also, people were taken and/or resurrected from all up and down their old universes' timelines.)

Skaia is a gas giant planet that orbits a massive yellow-white star. It has eight moons, which are slightly more scientifically plausible versions of the eight kids' Lands. I suspect Prospit is an inner world in a Venus-type orbit, and Derse is out in a Uranus-type orbit. The name of the star is Calamity. The debris out near its heliopause is a symbolic echo of the Möbius tangle that forms around a fully developed Battlefield in Sburb.

As for the players who were alive at the end of the game, I think they were offered the option of becoming gods of their newly created universe, and rejected that either as part of the price of defeating Lord English, or because they'd seen too much of power corrupting, or because that was incompatible with recreating bits of their old universes instead of creating a completely new slate. Whatever the reason, they retain some fraction of their game powers, but they live and age as normal members of their species.

ATTN: New England Blizzard Warning

Jan. 25th, 2015 05:28 pm
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Via weather underground, Potentially Historic Blizzard Taking Aim on New England
The densely populated area from New York City to Boston could experience one of its ten biggest snowstorms on record early this week, as a textbook nor’easter takes shape over the next 48 hours. While local details are bound to evolve somewhat as the storm develops, the models are now in strong, consistent agreement on a potentially crippling snowstorm. Blizzard watches were hoisted on Sunday morning from eastern New Jersey to northeast Massachusetts, including the New York, Providence, and Boston metropolitan areas.

If you live in one of the areas affected, I strongly recommend visiting and inputting your zip code for the most up-to-date / comprehensive advisory for your area. The warnings for Boston currently include a coastal flood warning in addition to the blizzard warning (the latter of which includes "travel will be impossible and life threatening across the entire region").

The CDC has Winter Weather FAQ. Please feel encouraged to share other resources or tips in the comments.

ETA: via NYT, Blizzard Questions, Including Why a European Weather Model Excels at U.S. Forecasts

Spell | Carol Ann Duffy

Jan. 25th, 2015 04:39 pm
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Yes, I think a poem is a spell of kinds
that keeps things living in a written line,
whatever's lost or leaving - lock of rhyme -
and so I write and write and write your name.
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1. I am making a crockpot thing with chicken, onion, green pepper, tomato, a Lipton garlic and whatever seasoning packet, and some white wine. I have no idea how it will turn out -- this is an experiment -- but it should be done sometime tomorrow morning and I'll probably have some for Sunday lunch or dinner, at which point I will report back.

I am sure it will at least be edible, but there's a big difference between edible and good, you know?


2. Valley Boss has formally passed me over to Hill Boss, which means my scheduled hours have been significantly reduced for the next few weeks. This was likely to happen anyway, as Valley Boss acquired a couple more receptionists to work into her schedule, but it's still a little sad. On the bright side, this does mean I'll have more time for college reading and job searching, so. *makes equivocating gesture* Six of one, half a dozen of the other, I guess.


3. I had a scare with my refrigerator yesterday. It made really distressing noises around midnight on Thursday, and on Friday the door felt a little reluctant to open and the cold air didn't come on the way it usually does, even when I opened the freezer. But I decided to wait an hour before calling Landlady, in case of false alarms, and about forty minutes later things were working normally.

I'm going to keep a closer eye on the fridge from here on, though, because a dead refrigerator is not something anybody needs.
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Generally speaking, I think movies made from books are never as good as the original material. The Silence of the Lambs has not joined my short list of exceptions.

This is not to say that it's a bad movie! No, it's a very good movie. It deserved that Oscar. But the book is better.

Obviously the case had to be streamlined, which was by and large done sensibly... )

But really, Clarice Starling is the heart of the story; it lives and dies with her characterization. I miss seeing her do technical forensic work, and I miss seeing her consciously decide that she's willing to flunk out of Quantico rather than abandon Catherine Martin and the case, but aside from the sexist warping of the basement scene at the end, she makes it largely intact from book to screenplay and Jodie Foster brings her convincingly to life.

So yeah. A good movie. Still not as good as the book, but a very good movie. I'm glad I watched it. :-)


(For the record, the two movies that I think are better than their source books are The Princess Bride and Mysterious Skin. There are probably also some movies that are better than their source short stories, but while those face the problem of translating from one medium to another, they don't have the problem of how to tell the same story while chopping at least half of it out.)

[poem] An Anatomy of Sleeplessness

Jan. 24th, 2015 09:44 am
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painsomnia, noun, inability to sleep
arising from somatic symptoms.
insomnianger, noun, inability to sleep
because of rage.
insomnia, noun, inability to sleep
for reasons unclear, or perhaps uninteresting.
Deferential diagnosis is required.
Morpheus' border guards delight
in lengthy - endless - questioning.
O innocents, ye need not be afraid.
It is the rest for whom these gates are barred.
& so beware, be wary: caprice
is the only arbiter of guilt.


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