Nov. 10th, 2011

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Last night, the Penn State Board of Trustees met and fired University President Spanier and Coach Joe Paterno. effective immediately.  Paterno had announced his intention to retire at the end of this season earlier in the day following the indictment of his long-time assistant coach and one-time heir apparent, Jerry Sandusky, on forty felony charges associated with molestation of at least 8 children since 1996.  Sandusky's known victims, many of whom were sexually molested and assaulted for years, ranged in age from seven to fifteen during the abuse and were all participants in The Second Mile, a charity that Sandusky founded to assist at-risk youths.   Said Paterno on Sunday: "...the nature and amount of charges made are very shocking to me."   CBS News reported last night that, "The legendary football coach was said to be stunned by his firing. Said the source, "You give your life to this place, and that's how you're treated."

Yes, Paterno, you miserable piece of slime, that's how you're treated.  No, you don't get to leave on your own terms.  No, I don't give a shit that you won 409 football games or that you're a "legendary coach".  No, I couldn't give two shits about how disappointed your seniors are going to be at the Nebraska game this weekend.  You may shut up and go enjoy the remaining time you have left before the Federal government indicts you.

And the worst part is that you're pretending not to understand why. That's what makes you slime. )

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Hi!  This post is not about Penn State, but a complaint that stems from surfing google news and following various "suggested" links on the news articles as we've been trying to keep up with the cult of apologists and the latest worst thing yet all day.  (Discussion, linkshare, and rending of hair continues in the comments - Switch's idea of donating to RAINN made me feel clean again.)

But anyway: TheStir. I hadn't noticed you existed until a couple of days ago. Today you are the source of more than a dozen of the spotlighted links on my Google News page and you are the top "suggested" link at the end of nearly every article from a major news source that I've read today.

Have I mentioned that I've been reading about pedophiles and the evil fuckwads who enable them and apologize for them all day?

But for some reason you're convinced what I really want to read about are dieting tips, the Kardashians, and top-ten-lists-rejected-by-Cosmo-as- )


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