Dec. 8th, 2011

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Sometimes the fruit's hanging too low even for me.  Picture of Rick Perry taken from this bigoted, false piece of trash (which they forgot to turn off the "like/dislike" option - so feel free to press that thumbs down).  Picture of Ennis Del Ray... well, y'know.

If you're making a o_O face, look a little closer at the jackets. 

And one of you vidders should really take the time to set this add to "The Wings" from the Brokeback Mountain OST.  Maybe something about being able to quit him.  Like I said: rarely do they hang the fruit this low.

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It's a fine tradition -- first written into English Common Law in the Magna Carta, then enshrined into the Constitution of the United States in the Fourth Amendment.

The current Defense Spending Bill (which passed 93-7) has a passage which suspends the right of EVERYONE, citizens of the United States included, regardless of location -- so yes, even in this country -- until the "cessation of hostility."  Which in the case of The War On Terror* would be... well, it approaches infinity, so I'll just go with, this is permanent.  Two different senators, Sen. Udall (R-CO) and Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) proposed amendments which would remove this passage from the Defense Spending bill.  That's right: senators from both parties tried to get rid of this.  Sadly, their cohorts didn't feel the same way.  Here, from, are the roll call sheets from both the Udall and Feinstein Amendments, senators listed by state. 

If you live in a state where the senators voted "nay," may I strongly encourage you to contact your senator and tell them to pull their heads out of their asses.  While this provision will no doubt eventually be smashed to bits when it reaches the courts (y'know, given that habeas corpus is a constitutional right for all citizens), I'd rather not have my tax dollars be spent on its defense.  

ETA: There is petition to the White House encouraging the President to veto the bill (and to do so for more appropriate reasons than previously provided by the press secretary).  It requires registration, but if you'd like to sign (I did), you can find the petition here:  Veto S. 1867

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