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moragmacpherson ([personal profile] moragmacpherson) wrote2012-01-01 05:26 pm

Two Things and Three Six-word Stories

Thing the First: Catching up on Leverage and there was Hardison in a waistcoat. I thought my waistcoat-thing was just due to Arthur, but no, it's its own thing.

Thing the Second:
I'm actually trying real, no-holds-barred self-editing on a story, which I haven't done in ages because my betas spoil the crap out of me. I swear that most of what I'm doing is deleting over-dramatic lines, eliminating parts that at one point fit where I thought the story was going but didn't in the finished product, and stream-lining dialogue. Despite this, the word count has gone up by almost a thousand words from where it started. Seriously, WTF?

Six-word stories: I've posted about these before, and they can be both tricky and a lot of fun. If you come up with one, please, share it in the commentsany fandom, no fandom, whatever— all are welcome. To kick things off, here are three six-word stories from my Inception-Supernatural AU fusion series... thing.

1. Azazel's 'special children' built spectacular dreams.

2. Sam didn't give Arthur pet names.

3. Eames could always spot Lucifer's tells.

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