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Not Such as I Was Masterpost

The series/'verse previously known as my Sam/Arthur, Arthur/Eames Supernatural-Inception Fusion of Doom™ actually has a name, "Not Such as I Was."  Now that it has more than a couple of stories in it, it's earned a masterpost!  So, from now on, links will be collected here.  Furthermore, if anyone else is interested in contributing to the 'verse, you can private message me and I will send you a link to the original timeline that birthed this beast.

Updated:  01 December 2012

The following links and brief headers/summaries lead to the DW posts with complete headers, which are also crossposted to LJ for those who prefer to comment there.  I suggest reading in posting order, as chronologically things get a little tricky.

NB: This is essentially the story bible of the entire 'verse.  It is presented to encourage others to write more Superception crossovers/make more art, etc., either within the 'Not Such' series or by having others look at it and say, "Well, no, it obviously the crossover happened this way." It also contain copious spoilers, but if you're getting impatient with the pace I write at, the titbits offered here are better than nothing -- and maybe you'll write some of the more atmospheric fics and world building ones better than I could. I'd love to read them.

Not Such As I Was Timeline

Feel like contributing just a couple of words whenever you feel like it?  This 'verse now has a collaborative tumblr that you may join or simply submit materials to.  It's slightly haunted by Lucifer, but we're starting to feel cozy there.  So, please, join us at luciferknowsyourtotem


The Call
PG-13, Slash (Arthur/Eames, Sam)
(1,802 words)
June 2012
Summary: Sometimes, destiny calls while you're still getting dressed.

The Drive
PG-13, Slash (Arthur/Eames)
(3,574 words)
June 2012 (5 hours later)
Summary: It's a long drive from Pierre to Sioux Falls.

Who Knows What Might Be Lurking
PG-13, Multiple (Arthur/Eames, Mal/Dom, Sam/Arthur)
(1,809 words)
August 2003, September 2008, May 2010, June 2012
Includes: Canonical character death
Summary: Mal survives in different memories in different ways.

Discreet and Discrete Lives
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Arthur, Dean, Bobby)
(4,018 words)
January 2008
Includes: Graphic sexual content
Summary: Sam never expected both of his lives to catch up with him at once.

Penrose Stairs
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Arthur, Arthur/Eames, Dean, Mal, Trickster, Bobby)
February 12, 2008
Includes: Graphic sexual content, canonical character death
Summary: The stairs make four 90-degree turns as they ascend or descend yet form a continuous loop, so that a person could climb them forever and never get any higher. This is clearly impossible in three dimensions.

Lost in Her Loving Embrace
R, Gen (Mal/Dom, references to Sam/Arthur, Arthur/Eames, Dean, OCs)
November, 2008
Includes: Insanity/Incepted!Mal, suicidal ideation
Summary: There are many reasons why Mal must make Dom wake up with her.

Sad Sappy Suckers
PG-13, Gen (pre-slash Sam/Arthur)
September 4, 2001
Includes: Language, disturbing dream imagery
Summary: Everyone needs their secrets, Arthur knows that, but there’s something huge he’s missing here and without it, Sam’s a puzzle he can’t quite solve.

Pic Spam Ficlets

Dean vs. Arthur Sartorial Snark-tacular
June or July 2012

Sam & Eames & Lucifer & The Creeps
June 2012
Includes: allusion to dub-con Samifer goings on

Arthur vs. Dean's Organizational Skills

March 2008

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