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moragmacpherson ([personal profile] moragmacpherson) wrote2014-08-29 05:02 pm
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Things I'm Done With

1. Family members who either don't understand why my illness makes certain things difficult for me, or take it upon themselves to decide something is too difficult for me, with no middle ground.

2. Same family members telling me at the same time to get on or off the pills, "which you can't afford because you're out of work and uninsured." Right, because taking the pills away from someone with MDD and PAD and no job is going to make her way more hireable.

3. People who know that I'm in the middle of a fight with someone else trying to cheer me up with sarcastic misogyny.

4. The Y-Chromosome in general. I've moved on to full misanthropy after "friend" mentioned below asked to be picked up at train station 2 hours before show, then, after I pulled up said, "We're going back to your place?" [I look up at ominous thunderheads and down at uncomfortable interview clothes, which I'd mentioned and wanted to shower out of. "Uh, yes." "Oh, I'll just meet you at the venue then."

5. Having no control of my own soundscape.

6. In an effort to get aforementioned family members the fuck off my back, having to drive through cross-town rush hour traffic  because they convinced a friend to come to the show with me, but are too drunk to pick her up from the train station. Which I guess means I also don't get to drink at the show. FUN!

7. Local friends sucking ass compared to distant friends. My [personal profile] jjhunter  sent me a care package of awesome the moment she found out I was in the middle of an episode. My "friend" who just became an officer in the Army National Guard is not only pulling today's crap, but on trip to see brother last weekend, told my brother a date rape joke while I sat in the backseat of the car. They both laughed. And my brother wonders why I cry around him when drunk and tired.

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