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Of Muppets and Men - and a Poll!

Just got back from seeing the new Muppets movie with my nephew.  I quite liked it (in particular, Camilla the Chicken's routine alone was worth the price of admission - although I suspect 3/4s of the audience didn't know what the hell was going on - which is a good thing).  The songs... well, you can tell that Bret McKenzie wrote them, but that's not a bad thing.  My nephew remains adorable and says he liked the movie too. He then promptly passed out in the car, where he was adorable and [Poll #1798429]

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JGL is cuter, but yes on RTL needing his coat retailored. (Or not. Historically clothing fit tended to be a bit looser for layering purposes, heat being ... rather rudimentary in the Civil War era.)

- Mel

EDIT: On a closer look the makeup department should be able to make it work. What convinces me is the similarity in underlying bone structure. They both have a very similar angle from cheekbone to chin.

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Huh. I think part of my problem is that RTL's cheekbones are just a little too broad for JGL to pull him off - which is why I think he looks more like DiCaprio or Depp. The almond shaped eyes make me lean towards Depp - though the mustache may be affecting my judgment.