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moragmacpherson ([personal profile] moragmacpherson) wrote2012-01-07 08:46 pm

Deadwood Question (this time with spoilers)

So, I'm just finishing 3.10 of Deadwood and I have to ask:

Does the actors subplot ever go anywhere?  Does it have any connection whatsoever to the rest of the story?  Or did the writers find out they hadn't been renewed and decided to take a whole lotta LSD before writing up the finale?  I am literally gnawing on my fist every time there's a scene change and we wind up with the actors.  This is worse than watching the wheels come off of Twin Peaks.  At least with David Lynch, I expect this sort of bizarro-plot foil.

On the other hand, there's also my ongoing crush on Calamity Jane... well, maybe not so other hand with the whole dream bit-- but anyway, much approval for Jane/Joanne.