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moragmacpherson ([personal profile] moragmacpherson) wrote2012-01-15 11:51 pm

Sam and Eames and Lucifer and the Creeps (Superception pic-spam)

Stage directions are over-rated (also, I need to write some porn for the next scene in the next actual story in this 'verse, which means I need my porn writing security blanket, aka [personal profile] callowyn , to settle in for the semester and make me write the phone sex.) Anyway: more Superception pic-spam/pretty things to distract you from exposition dumping.

Warning: While being a PG-13 story, this ficlet contain references to dub-con Samifer goings on.

“Sam and I need to have a word. The rest of you need to be elsewhere. Out of earshot.”

“Is that really such a good—?”

“Worry not, gentlemen. Sam has nothing to fear from me. Simply testing a theory.”
“Well, I for one could use a drink."

“Should I grab you one, Sammy?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks.”

“Now that they’re gone, will you tell me where he is?”

“It’s okay, Eames. Really. I’m ignoring him.”

“And you’re making a valiant effort at it, Sam. But in my experience it’s hard to concentrate on research while your mind’s convinced that someone’s sucking on your right earlobe. Or is he licking your neck now?”
“Uh, well… it was my left ear actually.”

“Well, tell him to knock it off. Real or not, I won’t abide by that sort of behavior, even from the Devil. And neither should you.”

“How did you—?”
“How did I notice you’re being molested while the rest of them are clueless? Probably because Dean’s your brother, Bobby may as well be your father, and poor Arthur is trying his very best to right now not think about you and sex at the same time. Not to mention that they’re all ultimately good, decent people and it doesn’t occur to their sort that Satan might be doing that sort of thing.”
“Funny how it quickly it occurred to him, though.”


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