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Okay, so these are a little random, so short captions while I remember it all, yeah? Bear in mind I slept through about five hours of the entire beta and wrote this up last night before going to sleep and forgetting why I'd taken each shot in the first place.

First screencap, just to prove that my health cap was, at one point, 666, possibly because dear Yoavina, my character, is in fact The Whore of Babylon. More signs to come.
I apologize for using the epithet but the stuff under the cut is straight from the Book of Revelation... )

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Stage directions are over-rated (also, I need to write some porn for the next scene in the next actual story in this 'verse, which means I need my porn writing security blanket, aka [personal profile] callowyn , to settle in for the semester and make me write the phone sex.) Anyway: more Superception pic-spam/pretty things to distract you from exposition dumping.

Warning: While being a PG-13 story, this ficlet contain references to dub-con Samifer goings on.

Sam and I need to have a word. )

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Okay, I admit it: the temptation to pic-spam Dean in his '40s get up is too strong to resist. So I tacked some dialogue from one of the up-coming "Not Such As I Was" stories onto them to justify myself (and that way I get to pic-spam Hotel-Level Arthur and Eames too!). Also, [ profile] tabaqui was asking about Arthur and Dean's relationship after the last story — this is about as well as the two of them will ever get along.

I feel like I'm a goddamn Ken doll... )


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