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Master Fic List

It occurred to me how much it annoys me when other people don't have one of these, and hypocrisy is so unbecoming...

I'm in the process of migrating internal links to DW equivalents. Also, because of other life commitments, there are also a few other fics that are only posted and listed on my Ao3 profile. [Ao3 Link Here]

Last updated:  01 December 2012

I write mostly PG-13 rated gen and het though I've recently tried my hand at slash and smut.  We'll see if it takes. It took. Most of my fics are crossovers but there's a smattering of single-fandom stories now too.  All stories are complete unless otherwise noted.  With the exception of the rare and few OCs used in the fics, all characters are the property of their respective owners, and no claim of ownership is made herein.  If you would like to archive any of these fics, please let me know.

There's an open invitation to all comers: interrogate my text from a different perspective.  My sandboxes are open to anyone who wants to play: be they remixes, sequels, missing-scenes, vignettes, meta-commentary, what-ever-crazy-fan-thing-it-is-you-do. I think [personal profile] fish_echoand others better versed in meta would say that the blanket term is "transformative works," or I may be abusing that term entirely.  All I ask is for you to send me a link to see it so that I can ooh and awe or potentially tilt my head at it appropriately ('Dean slashed with the tentacled demon from the UU courtyard?  Oh, and look, the author included helpful diagrams.').

No matter the age of the story, I very much welcome feedback, including constructive criticism.  I am happy to hear about mistakes and in most cases I will try to correct them.  When it comes to things that are in grey areas, I love to have discussions in the meta-realm.

Crossovers: Buffy/Doctor Who | Buffy/World War Z | Buffy/Supernatural | Supernatural/Discworld | Discworld/Stargate SG-1 | Supernatural/Doctor Who | Supernatural/Stargate SG-1 | Doctor Who/Leverage | Doctor Who/Firefly | Doctor Who/Discworld  | Supernatural/Inception  | Supernatural/Sherlock

Non-Crossovers: Firefly | Doctor Who | Supernatural | Buffy | Inception


Tempus Frangit Series (Buffy/Doctor Who throughout, some stories contain additional crossovers)

Another Side of the Sky
PG-13, Het (Buffy/Ten, Martha Jones)
(~19,000 words)
Winner of the 2009 Crossing Over Award for Best Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover

Time Flies: Another Side of the Sky Ficlets
PG-13, Het, (Buffy/Ten, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Simm!Master)
(50, 100, 150, or 200 words each)
The Rod of Asclepius (additional crossover with Stargate: SG-1)
PG-13, Het (Buffy/Ten, SG-1 season 4 cast)
(~15,000 words)

The Lost Age (additional crossover with Firefly)
PG-13, Het (Buffy/Ten, Jack Harkness, Firefly crew (beginning of movie), Operative)
(WIP, currently ~15,000 words)

Better With Two
PG-13, Het (Buffy/Ten, BtVS season eight cast, OFCs, OMCs)
(WIP, currently ~20,000 words)

Other Buffy/Doctor Who Crossovers

Hellmouth High Schools Don't Have Reunions
PG-13, Gen (Third season BtVS cast, Ten, Rose)
(~15,000 words)
Recced on Calufrax
Now available in podfic form as read by [info]reena_jenkins : Link to podfic -- Link to podbook (with cover art!)

Impossible Things
PG-13, Het, (Buffy/Ten, Martha Jones)
(~21,000 words)

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (sequel to Impossible Things)
PG-13, Het, (Buffy/Ten, Martha Jones)
(~1,700 words)

Podfic of both Impossible Things and Sitting, Waiting, Wishing as read by [info]reena_jenkins : Link to podfic
No Need to Explain
PG-13, Het (Buffy/Ten, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn)
(~1,300 words)

PG-13, Gen (Buffy, Ten)
(6 words)

A Girl and Her Time Lord Series - Co-Written with [info]booster17*
Things to Do When the Universe Ends
Together Again for the First Time
Old Friends, New Adventure
s (WIP)
PG-15, Gen (Dawn, Ten, John Hart, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, OMCs, OFCs)
Buffy/World War Z

Indeterminate Place, UK
PG-13, Gen (Buffy, Faith, Max Brooks, OFCs)
(~3,400 words)


Dead Letters
PG-13, Gen (Spike, Dean, Sam; s.4 SPN cast)
(WIP, currently ~19,000 words)


A Grand Sneer (Now fully functional on Dreamwidth!)
PG-13, Gen (Dean POV, ensemble cast from both fandoms)
(~35,000 words)

Discworld/Stargate SG-1

The Color of Logic (Now fully functional on Dreamwidth!)
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Jack, Teal'c, Daniel, Lu-Tze, Nanny Ogg, Nac Mac Feegle)
(6,629 words)
[info]help_pakistan  fic written for [info]bookchan 

Supernatural/Doctor Who

Lost in Translation
G, Gen (Ten, Castiel, Donna)
(583 words)
Comment fic written for [info]castielfest

You Won't See Nothing Like Me Series (snippets from the ongoing once and future romance between Jack Harkness/Castiel.  All stories are posted complete; a completion status for the series can be found by by solving
iħ (∂/∂t)ψ = -(ħ²/2m)∇²ψ+ Vψ
for present values such that :  t = my remaining lifespan, m = balance of my checking account, and V = 1 if I have access to the internet; while bearing in mind that global internet collapse would also collapse the wave form.)

Of Beginnings and Endings
PG-13, slash, (Jack Harkness/Castiel)
(1,629 words)

If You Have to Ask...
PG-13, Gen with slashy overtones (Jack Harkness, Castiel, Dean)
(50 words)

Recklessness and Water
PG-13, pre-slash (Jack Harkness/Castiel)
(1,160 words)

Supernatural/Stargate SG-1

Play It, Sam
PG-13, Het, (Sam Winchester/Samantha Carter, OCs)
(2,614 words)
Written for [info]twisted_yarns 

I Google You
PG-13, Het (Sam Winchester/Samantha Carter, Dean Winchester)
(1,308 words)
Doctor Who/Leverage

The Nick of Time Job
PG-13, Gen, (Eleven, Parker)
(2,845 words)
Pinch hit written for [info]pintsizeninja  for [info]xover_exchange 

Doctor Who/Firefly

Too Good to Be True
PG-13, Gen, (Jack Harkness, Jayne Cobb)
(2,586 words)
Written for [info]midnight_malaga  for [info]xover_exchange 

Doctor Who/Discworld

PG-13, Gen (Ten, Donna)
(71 words)


Not Such As I Was Series (Now fully functional on Dreamwidth!) 

Series Master Post (Including Links to Pic Spam Ficlets)

The Call
PG-13, Slash (Arthur/Eames, Sam)
(1,802 words)

The Drive
PG-13, Slash (Arthur/Eames)
(3,574 words)

Who Knows What Might Be Lurking
PG-13, Multiple (Arthur/Eames, Mal/Dom, Sam/Arthur)
(1,809 words)

Discreet and Discrete Lives
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Arthur)
(4,018 words)

Penrose Stairs
NC-17, Slash, (Sam/Arthur, pre-Eames/Arthur, Mal, Bobby, The Trickster)
(19,541 words)

Lost in Her Loving Embrace
R, Gen (Mal/Dom, references to Sam/Arthur, Arthur/Eames, Dean, OCs)
November, 2008
(1,383 words)

Sad Sappy Suckers
PG-13, Gen (pre-slash Sam/Arthur)
September 4, 2001
(3,562 words)


Adventures with a Tall Man
NC-17, Slash (Soul-less Sam/Sherlock, John Watson, Molly Hooper)
(10,788 words)



Sweet Nothings
PG-13 (Jayne/?)
(599 words)

Doctor Who

The First Forty-Eight Hours
PG-13, Het, (Handy!Ten/Rose, Pete, Jackie, Tony)
(~5,000 words)


Quick as a Wink
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Dean, Adam, Zachariah)
(735 words)

Sing a Song of Revolution
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Dean)
(2,542 words)
Remix of Take a Sad Song by EllieMurasaki

Dashed Cunning
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Dean, OFC)
(130 words)

The Catch
Hard R, Gen (Sam, Dean, Meg, Crowley, and others)
(25,043 words)
[info]spn_reversebang  story written for [info]dollarformyname 

PG-13, Slash (John/Castiel)
(100 words)

The Many Forms of Comfort
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Dean)
(~3,900 words)

Null Return
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Dean, Sam's Soul)
(543 words)

People Are Like Knives (Everything's in Context)
PG-13, Gen (Jo Harvelle, OCs)
(848 words)

The Multi-farious Parking Hazards in Texas
PG-13, Gen (Sam, Dean)
(360 words)

Heavenly Turmoil
PG-13, Gen (Castiel)
(310 words)

You Enjoy Myself
NC-17, Angel/Demon (Castiel/Meg, Dean, Sam)
(2,399 words)

The Weight - co-written with [info]callowyn* 
NC-17, Slash, (Sam/Dean)
(2,666 words)
Recced on [info]crack_impala

By Inches - co-written with [info]callowyn* 
NC-17, Slash, Threesome (Robo!Sam/2014!Dean/2014!Castiel, Risa)
(6,617 words)

Marked for Life - co-written with [info]dragonspell 
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Dean, Castiel)
(4,557 words)

Once and Future
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Dean)
(~3,400 words)
Written for [info]salt_burn_porn 

Cassandra Never Had It So Good
NC-17, Slash (Sam/Castiel)
(1,624 words)

Wedding Crashed - co-written with [info]dragonspell
NC-17 (Sam/Dean, Castiel, OCs)
(9,780 words)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Not Really Here (The 'Stand in the Place Where You Are' Mix)
PG, Gen, (Dawn, Drusilla, Spike, Buffy)
(2,506 words)
Remix of Not Really Here by Alixtii

R, Slash, (Eames/Arthur, Mal, Phillipa, Miles, Dom, OCs)
(3,865 words) 

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