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It occurred to me how much it annoys me when other people don't have one of these, and hypocrisy is so unbecoming...

I'm in the process of migrating internal links to DW equivalents. Also, because of other life commitments, there are also a few other fics that are only posted and listed on my Ao3 profile. [Ao3 Link Here]

Last updated:  01 December 2012

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Thing the First: Catching up on Leverage and there was Hardison in a waistcoat. I thought my waistcoat-thing was just due to Arthur, but no, it's its own thing.

Thing the Second:
I'm actually trying real, no-holds-barred self-editing on a story, which I haven't done in ages because my betas spoil the crap out of me. I swear that most of what I'm doing is deleting over-dramatic lines, eliminating parts that at one point fit where I thought the story was going but didn't in the finished product, and stream-lining dialogue. Despite this, the word count has gone up by almost a thousand words from where it started. Seriously, WTF?

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 I've been having trouble making cuts and such work here on DW, so this is just a place marker directing my circle members to the two fic posts I just made: the first is my first ever porn fic (and heaven help me, it's Wincest), and the second is a collection of writer's block busting ficlets I wrote for prompters a few weeks back.  Then there are my xover_exchange fics, one Torchwood/Firefly and the other Doctor Who/Leverage

The Many Forms of Comfort (Supernatural, NC-17, Sam/Dean)

Four Ficlets for Supernatural, one Doctor Who/Discworld (PG-13, Gen)

Too Good to Be True (Torchwood/Firefly, PG-13, Gen)

The Nick of Time Job (Doctor Who/Leverage, PG-13, Gen)


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