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Brokeback Perry

Sometimes the fruit's hanging too low even for me.  Picture of Rick Perry taken from this bigoted, false piece of trash (which they forgot to turn off the "like/dislike" option - so feel free to press that thumbs down).  Picture of Ennis Del Ray... well, y'know.

If you're making a o_O face, look a little closer at the jackets. 

And one of you vidders should really take the time to set this add to "The Wings" from the Brokeback Mountain OST.  Maybe something about being able to quit him.  Like I said: rarely do they hang the fruit this low.

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LOL @ the jackets, those are really low hanging fruits :D

(And I wish youtube would allow multiple thumbs down, because that vid really deserves it)

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Oh, sometimes I do so love my country. Der Spiegel of all things had a great editorial the other day about how the entire list of Republican candidates wouldn't stand the ghost of a chance in Europe. And it's so very painfully true.

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You wouldn't happen to have a link to this editorial (if it's online)? Because it sounds really interesting.

Oh yes, often my mind is boggling at the things some politicians in your country come up with and I personally would vote against them fervently. (Well, ours aren't completely free from stupidity either, but at least they're leaving religion and sexuality alone most of the time while trying to drum up votes.)

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They're trying really hard to suspend habeas corpus at the moment. I'm not amused. Here's the English language version, I don't know if there's an original German one.

A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

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The English version was just fine for me, thank you!

Sometimes, America truly scares me, especially after reading articles like this.