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Dean versus Arthur Sartorial Snark-tacular!

Okay, I admit it: the temptation to pic-spam Dean in his '40s get up is too strong to resist. So I tacked some dialogue from one of the up-coming "Not Such As I Was" stories onto them to justify myself (and that way I get to pic-spam Hotel-Level Arthur and Eames too!). Also, [ profile] tabaqui was asking about Arthur and Dean's relationship after the last story — this is about as well as the two of them will ever get along.

"I feel like I'm a goddamn Ken-doll. Why the hell am I doing this again?"

"Because you're about to meet Mr. Saito. He's the kind of man you want to take you seriously."

"And he'll only take me seriously if I join you in the ridiculous monkey-suit club?"
"Better monkey-suit than Joe the Plumber. Saito's the head of Proclus Global and one of the ten wealthiest men in the world. We've worked together before. He has the kind of resources we'll need if we want to go up against someone like Dick Roman."

"Sounds like I'm going to ruin the knees on these pants first time out. Anything else I should know about Mr. Saito-san before we go grovel in front of him?"
"It's just Mr. Saito and we don't have to grovel. But you should know that Proclus Global has a large pharmaceutical subsidiary. Saito has spent millions of dollars over the last decade trying to kidnap your brother in order to perfect the Lavoisier formula."
"Saito's just arrived. My, Dean, but you do clean up a treat."
"Don't objectify me and hold up. Not only are you asking me to place nice with a shady billionaire who's been after Sam for God knows how long, but how come Eames doesn't have to wear a tie?"

"Because Saito and I are old acquaintances: I was the man he was paying to find Lavoisier all those years. Never got anywhere close though: dearest Arthur is entirely too good at keeping secrets."

"A tie still would have been appropriate. Where's Sam?"

"Not fit for company today, I'm afraid. But you've done some excellent work, darling: this will more than do. I'm certain Dean is more than capable of making all the right impressions on his own. Come along now, Saito's type doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"What type is that? Bond villain? I'll come along if you can give me one good reason why I shouldn't go in there shooting. It wouldn't be the first time we ganked a demonic drug-company executive."

"I was the one who was hiding Sam from them all these years and I've forgiven them. Trust me: we need this. If it makes you feel better you can dose the drinks with holy water, but at least try to be civil."

"Sure. Can't be any worse than having pizza with Death. Of course, that didn't have a dress code."

"Maybe Death was just too polite to bring it up."


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Did this go up on lj, too, or is it just so new i haven't seen it yet?
*i don't read over here, at the moment*
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Ah ha ha. Well, a lot of my friends don't post/don't post daily, so it's not *too* bad.

You should see my 'to read' bookmark folder. :)