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Wherein Morag proves she's as inappropriate in gaming as she is everywhere else

Okay, so these are a little random, so short captions while I remember it all, yeah? Bear in mind I slept through about five hours of the entire beta and wrote this up last night before going to sleep and forgetting why I'd taken each shot in the first place.

First screencap, just to prove that my health cap was, at one point, 666, possibly because dear Yoavina, my character, is in fact The Whore of Babylon. More signs to come.

So, the screenshots started coming quicker as the weekend drew to a close and a random bug opened every waypoint to me.  Squid managed to jerry-rig himself and Sin in later, but this was in case they couldn't -- proof I'd gotten to places we weren't meant to go.  Also, I worship the moon and colorful windmills.  Tilt away, Señor Quijano -- some of us are busy worshiping the gorgeously rendered moon.

Also, I like pretty shiny swirly things. Now, we were fairly sure the programmers didn't intend for most players to reach these areas this weekend, like here on the windmill, but this was actually surprisingly functional.  That won't last.

Pretty. Shiny. Fully clad.  This too does not last -- well, just that final bit.

Also, images Squid had only seen in the videos before this: the ghastly floating pirate ship.

And the floating castle (this cap courtesy of Squid)

And this one from Sin, both of whon I had to convince to climb after me despite the number of Ettins on the mountainside (this one is from the bottom of the mountain. It's a gorgeous shot, but to get the full impact of the Floating Castle, we really had to climb the mountain. Also, isn't Sin's character hot?  And like twice the size of me?)

Really cool manor house. We're starting to get to places the programmers really didn't want us in yet -- the monsters killed me constantly (Squid and Sin are professionals, I'm just coming back to gaming after a fifteen year absence, okay?).  The thing to remember is: you can revive  your character, but your armor takes damage every time you do.

More moon worship, as well as saluting gorgeously graven images.

I'm one of those people who obsessively climbs in video games I love to find the highest spot and just watch things move along -- part of the reason I'm a bad beta who sneaks into Places Players Ought Not Yet Go.

I love to climb because you get images like this.  It's so much better in motion, I wish...

Well, I had to keep your attention somehow.  This is Yoavina, on top of the icy mountains, in nothing but her mask, bikini, and things I want to call epaulets but Squid knows the right term and I can't be bothered right now.

Yeah. I didn't mean to get attached to her - I played a class I'm not particularly suited for and gave her the most cliched background possible (how cliched, you ask? Sin, Squid, and I all had the exact same background for our human characters).  But she's kinda hot, even if those mountains aren't the only stiff peaks around.

Okay, so if the slattern hussy act wasn't doing for you, then here, have this bizarre combination of the Whore/Beast of Babylon.  (As we got further on, the clipping got worse and worse, cluing us in to how unfinished the areas were.) I have a bad feeling this is going to inspire a kink-meme prompt.

Me and my bear buddy watch Sin and Squid murder things, which is what they're good at, from the roof of the arena, because the thing I'm good at is climbing.

Oh, and casual bestiality. did I forget to mention that?

Oh, that's the word: pauldrons. The shoulder pad bits.  In my case, the Mighty Swindlers Pauldrons of Vampirism. Is there any question why they were among to only pieces of clothing I kept on earlier?

She's also a Saint Paulie's girl on weekends, but would you get a load of those columns... and, well, yes, those breasts?

But if I was the Whore of Babylon, Sin was definitely Satan.  Look at that get up. Also, notice the height difference.  I wanted there to be a command so I could make my character lick her's bare belly button and back.

But all ends well, in heaven.  Actually, it didn't. The dragon appeared and all hell broke loose. But for one beta weekend, it was paradise.