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Jaimeykay rocks my world

So, marking the end of my inaugural Holiday Smut-Spree (and no, I'd never written a word of porn before this, not even on kink meme), I co-wrote a Robo!Sam/2014!Dean/2014!Cas fic with [Poll #1664580]

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Quick, make a comment so you can edit it!

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This comment is going to be edited!

ETA: Check it out - I HAZ EDITED!

ETA2: And then I caught my typo! I've gone mad with power!
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I'm so proud of you!

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I think she's a mass hallucination, personally, but I'm enjoying it much to wish for a cute.

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\o/ Yay for paid accounts! I checked every ticky box; I got excited.

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Ticky boxes are very exciting - I just ticked the "all of the above" one myself, but I was already busy editing comments, so I was a little distracted.

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I APPROVE OF ALL OF THESE THINGS. Would it be weird to vote for my licks and the Chuck Norris one? Well, I'd need someone who has the common cold to test this theory. BRING ME YOUR SICK AND WOUNDED.


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I shall bring my mild case of sniffles to you and they shall be no more.

♥'s you

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YAY MORE FIC FROM YOU! i shall read it once i am done catching up with my flist :D

[ profile] jaimeykay is indeed made of the finest awesomesauce. woot for a paid account :D

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Catching up with your f-list? So sometime in February? =D