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So, marking the end of my inaugural Holiday Smut-Spree (and no, I'd never written a word of porn before this, not even on kink meme), I co-wrote a Robo!Sam/2014!Dean/2014!Cas fic with [Poll #1664580]
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Between all of the bigbangs that have come out over the last two weeks and the remixes coming out today... my head is spinny.  And so much of it is so damn good!  I know I haven't gotten around to commenting on all of it, but just so's you all know: I love you fandom, half the stuff I've read today is superior to anything published I've read this year. 

Among them:

Amorphous - by Gladdecease - a SN Crossover Big Bang - SPN/Good Omens - Gen - Wonderful addition of not just Good Omens mythology but also Jewish mythology to the SPN-verse.  The GolemPOV must be read to be believed.  Want more.

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by Claudiapriscus - a SN Crossover Big Bang - SPN/Stargate SG-1 - Couldn't love this fic more if I tried.  Her Dean, Sam, and Daniel are perfect, and her Jack ain't half bad either.  Again: want more.

Eight Early Drafts of Sam Winchester's College Application Essay (And the One He Sent to Stanford) - by anonymous, remix of a fic by Xaara - Supernatural - the original fic was short and sweet.  This one took the idea and turned it into an incredible ball of ooey-gooey heartwarm, and I haven't figured out how to comment on it yet.

Through the Wardrobe (The Three Worlds Remix) - by anonymous, remix of a fic by Booster - BtVS/Narnia/bonus!xover - again, a short but sweet original fic that plays into something big and amazing, and ooh, bonus crossover for the win.

Hope Deferred Maketh Something (The Never Knew Such Silence Remix)
- by anonymous, remix of a fic by melliyna - Criminal Minds/West Wing - I'll just quote my comment here: "I got here by clicking on the "Criminal Minds" fandom tab and then said, "Hmm, 'West Wing,' that'd be a great crossover," and then I read the original and it was contemplative and sad and wonderful and then I started this one and OMFG you added zombies! Not only that, but you added zombies and pathos. You, sir or madame remixer, are a mad genius. Major tip of the hat to you."

Repairmen (and Women)
- by anonymous, remix of a fic by feverbeats - Iron Man (could be either comic or movie) - This one took a fic that was a good character study and then focused on (what is to me) the much more interesting question - not how Tony and Co. would react to the end of the world, but how they'd rebuild it.


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