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Psych #1: Why is the first word you always use to describe yourself "short"?
Me: Because it's the obvious one. "Look for the short chick." People pick me out of a crowd every time.
Psych #1: You seem to focus on being small, it comes up almost randomly in conversation. Why is that?
Me: Because it's not something I ever have a chance to forget about.
Psych #1: Why? Do other people always bring it up? Because you seem to be the one always bringing it up in our conversations.
Me: No, it's because... well, being as short as I am is really tedious.
Psych #1: I don't understand. How is being short tedious?
Me: Like when I cook, if I need something in the pantry, I have to climb up a stool to grab it. God help me if I forget to grab everything I need in one trip, otherwise it's back up the stool. And standing in grocery aisles, waiting for someone, anyone to show up to grab something for me. People are always nice about it, but I'm still the one always stuck there waiting for them.
Psych #1: Huh. I never thought of it like that.

Hi. I'm Morag! There's a number of new people about (I'll get to that in a minute), and it's been awhile since I posted anything that wasn't, well, porn (there's an explanation!), so an intro/update post isn't uncalled for. I've been doing a lot of tumblr-ing too, which has added think-y things, as well as thesis-ing, so more thinking. But yeah, first thing to know about me: I'm 4'9", short enough for it to be annoying, not quite so short that people ask if it's a symptom. Also probably a good giveaway up there: the necessity of numbering my psychiatrists and psychologists.

Knitting, porn, philosophy, fic, and more disturbing insights... )
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Self-Cest Comment Fic Meme
Banner by [personal profile] thecookiemomma

So, the response to the meme has been rather overwhelming. I couldn't be happier: there are some prompts in there that I'm absolutely dying to read. I'm also not entirely sure how word of is spreading: there are people promoting it on tumblr (thanks!), I posted a promo at crossoverfic and at a couple specific fandom communities; but I've never met half the commenters (which is awesome, nice to meet you all!), and what's more, I've never heard of some of these fandoms before!

Which is fantastic, but I do have one worry. It's great to see such diverse prompts, but it's a Comment-Fic Meme and those aren't nearly as fun as they should be if there aren't fills to go with the prompts. I've been doing my part, but my f-list is obviously dominated by people from my fandoms and this has become a truly multi-fandom meme.

So while I don't want to stop the prompts (not for another week or two at the least), if you're an author in any of the following fandoms, consider dropping in and seeing if you can make a fill (and feel free to leave your own prompt while you're there). Anonymous commenting is ON and IP logging is OFF for now; so if you're feeling a little shy about filling or prompting a kinky situation, feel free to do so anonymously.

Bear in mind, these are only the fandoms with existing prompts (and if I classified a fandom incorrectly, my apologies, I had to wiki more than a few of these and make my best guess).

At least forty four different fandoms )
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Many thanks to [personal profile] thecookiemomma  for this lovely banner

This is a multi-fandom comment-fic meme based on the following exchange:

Callowyn: to me, there is no such thing as a crack pairing.
Morag: Would you ship Arthur from Inception with Tom from 500 Days of Summer?
Callowyn: dude, I invented a verse solely for reasons of misha kissing misha. I WOULD SHIP ANYONE WITH THEMSELVES. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT.
Morag: Challenge accepted.

And there’s so much to work with! How many times have characters canonically met their past selves, or alternate reality versions of themselves, or an evil doppelganger, or even run across the actors that play them? How many crossovers have you read where someone meets their look-alike from another universe? Think of the classic Buffy episode The Replacements, in which Riley Finn says of two Xanders: "Doesn't it make everyone wanna lock them in separate rooms and do experiments on them?"

Fuck that shit, let's see what happens when they're locked in a room together! Maybe they'll have sex? Awesome. We all love imagining pretty faces making out with each other. Now it’s time to imagine pretty faces making out with themselves!
We can all pretend that this meme had nothing to do with Mirror!Spock’s goatee, but we would be lying. )


Feb. 8th, 2012 03:24 pm
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If you haven't been watching, the spontaneous transformation of E! Online's TV's Top Couples poll comment section into a Doctor Superlock RP session is one of the greatest and most beautiful things ever.  My favorite moment?  When Jim Moriarty started flirting with Lucifer.
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This is a comment I just put up on [info]igrick's updated post, but it has wider applications, so I'm dumping it here too. 

A note to users of RP, Meme and other communities, where subject line is crucial for operation: for the moment we are developing only standard commenting representation, well know in LiveJournal as S1 styles, but we will keep subject lines, both in terms of form and representation, in advanced — S2 — styles, and provide an ability to keep it forever for certain communities, as well as, by request, will develop an extra functionality for such communities thru OpensSocial applications going public next year.

No. Nyet. Nein. La. Lo. Bu. Non. I've run out of languages in which to tell you that "this is a bad idea." Your lovely, elegant, bandwidth-gobbling new design retains the vertical space-hogging Icon dividers between comments, so you're not conserving space for body text. All you're doing by eliminating subject lines is removing functionality. If subject headings REALLY bother you, make the option to turn them OFF, not on.


Rule One (1): When it comes to privacy options, users want to default "opt out". This is because users like to control who has access to their personal information. Not abiding by this rule will get you investigated by the FTC and you may be forced to pay millions of dollars in fines, like Facebook! ([info]igrick: please remember this rule whenever you decide to implement whatever "OpenSocial applications" are. They sound like a terrible idea already.)

Rule Two (2): When it comes to functionality options, especially pre-existing functions, users want to default "opt in". This is because users hate change. Not abiding by this rule is why no one uses anymore, and why NetFlix is about to go under!

Oh--and Rule Three (3): every time you add a functionless animation or a needless transparency to your site/program design, you kill a baby panda (and further alienate users who have bandwidth limits or aging hardware).

/don't be a panda killer

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I may be making the permanent paid move of this account to DW shortly. (I've bought time for other accounts here before, but for reasons listed below, have retained LJ as the main space for this account.  Do you think if enough of us show up with cash, Denise will be able to upgrade the servers and maybe finally fix the span/cut tag bug I've sent eleventy-billion bug reports on?  I still don't want to lose my comments over there or have to change all of my internal links manually, but it's looking pretty grim.)  Anyone who needs a DW invite code, I have a few.  Anyone else who just doesn't feel like going through the pain in the tuckus of moving their internal links, I suggest you start sending individual feedback or just make your feelings known on the latest LJ news post.

To whom it may concern,

I am a paying user. All of my stuff is here.  I don't want to move it to a new service-- it would be an incredible headache.  I am going to try very hard to be civil and courteous and use capslock only when necessary.


But that's actually kind of secondary to my main issue.  Here's the thing:

I'm a native English speaker
Puedo leer en español. 
Ich kann Deutsch lesen.
أنا أتكلم وأقرأ باللغة العربية
אני קוראת גם עברית

That's five languages and three alphabets which I can read and understand.  Among the languages I can't read? Russian. I can't read the Greek or Cyrillic alphabets - so I can't even make intelligent guesses about word meanings.

I understand that Livejournal is currently a Russian enterprise, but its original founder and much of its userbase remain English-speakers -- and many of them are ONLY English speakers.

So why is it that the details of a proposed major site overhaul were released exclusively to the general public in Russian and Russian only?  (

Morag continues to rant and provide helpful links for quite some time... )
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(LJ-Only Post because DW up and disappeared on me and ate the original version of this as I tried to sneak it in before the deadline for the server upgrade.  And anyway, I've decided to include a poll anyway, so nyah!)[Poll #1802781]
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I've been in a rather nasty mood all week. Can't exactly say why, there's a number of factors that contributed and frankly, I've already dedicated enough words and thoughts to most of them. So today I decided to take a break. Sit back. Watch a movie.

On a whim, I picked Howl. Possibly because I never mind spending an hour or so staring at James Franco. The film is sort of a biography of the poem and of Ginsberg and of the obscenity trial in 1957 that Ginsburg chose to ignore but won nonetheless. It's all a bit confusing, but that may have been the point: after all, as the trial transcript read, "One cannot translate poetry into prose." I think this may be a poem of a movie and as I often tell JJ, I simply don't understand poetry. I'm prosaic, what can I say.

Ginsberg has long been the main exception, but not the famous ones - not "Howl" or "Kaddish". My favorite poem longer than fourteen lines has always been Ginsberg's "America." I finally found the reading of it that's my favorite - it's an earlier version of the poem and varies in places than the final published text. Ginsberg's recitals of the final poem always sound dry, regretful, and serious. But in this recording Ginsberg sounds drunk and delighted - he's reading it in a club and the audience shouts back and laughs, because what this poem is about is pointing out the absurd for exactly what it is, and to recall that we can't take ourselves too seriously.

And I felt better for hearing that poem and drunken riotous laughter once more.  So, to come to peace with Supernatural and fandom and that which shook me and put the fear into me but which should never control me, I'm posting something I wrote long ago (on October 12, 2010, as it says) but never took credit for.  I thought of it and looked it over and yeah, I think it still works (or works as well as it ever did).  My apologies to Allen Ginsberg once again, but his queer shoulder has been and remains one I can lay my head upon and find great comfort.

Anon Meme (With all apologies to Allen Ginsberg) )

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Because there's something else that brassed me off about last night's Supernatural episode.

Inspired by Kalliel's post about writing posts emphasizing all the awesome things that Supernatural fans do that aren't related to fandom.  I'm gonna take a slightly different tack.  I defend my fan-girl status.  Because being a fan-girl (or fan-boy)? Does not automatically turn you into a horrible person. We come from lots of different backgrounds.  Not all fan girls and fan-boys were picked on in high school. Some of us have engaging social lives and/or successful careers and/or sex with attractive people without resorting to black magic. Sometimes we even have interests outside of the things we're fans of. And watch out: we have a habit of taking over the asylum eventually.  So here's a few examples of awesome people whom we can count among our own ranks.

You can tell that it's more fun to be a fan, because all the cool kids are doing it )
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Contains spoilers for tonight's episode - but if you haven't watched it, I don't encourage you to do so.  Also contains references to triggery material.  I should know.  The episode triggered me.

ETA: I don't think I'm leaving the fandom.  I still do love this show.  But I still feel... really, really hurt.  I may not be as squee happy about it for awhile.  And I'm really disappointed in the entire production crew for not thinking about any of these issues before they brought the episode to air.

ETA2: It's been brought to my attention that there was an outright statement that the relationship was never consummated during the episode - however, this occurred during the scene that hit my single trigger -- involuntary chemical-induced memory loss -- and so I missed the line while I was retrieving my anti-anxiety meds.  Nonetheless, my overall feelings about the episode and the writers' complete incomprehension of the horror that they wrought still stands.  Intercourse or no, the emotional and mental manipulation remains reprehensible and unfunny.

Read more... )

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(Warning: many things in this post make me despise large sectors of humanity. But I have good intentions.)

Okay, so if you don't check fandom_wank regularly, apparently SPN-fandom has reacted to the news of the potential-mini-Padalecki in spectacular and horrific form.

Yeah. I've already spewed my RAEG at Squid. But, well, even the vaguest connections that I might have to some of those nonnies at spn_gossip make me feel all filthy-by-proxy (and not in a good, porny way either), because for whatever reason I believe in the concept of karma if not the actual existence of it. Thus, my immediate reaction is to note that Mr. & Mrs. Padalecki have requested that in lieu of presents for their sprog, they'd much rather have folks donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, a fine and noble cause, and whip out my credit card... oh wait:

I don't have a lot of cash on hand (I'm donating what remains of my "buying a dress and having a good time in NYC/Washington" fund - about $35), and when it comes to things like this, I like to make sure the charity gets every bloody cent. Which brings me to my next point, because I am also a bleeding-heart-anti-corporate-liberal crusader: did you know that most credit cards don't waive their merchant processing fees (usually approx. 3%) for charitable donations? I didn't until the Haiti Earthquake, when a bunch of them got called on it and they temporarily reduced but didn't eliminate the charges for donations headed to Haiti.

(Sorry, I have to go smoke a cigarette while hating humanity for a second after remembering this fact. My misanthropic tendencies are having a field day today.)

Anyway, I'll be sending my donation to St. Jude's via check, but there is (potentially) another option. And here's another thing I never thought I'd do: endorse Capital One. Despite being one of my least favorite and predatory usurers, they redeem themselves through a program called "No Hassle Giving" wherein you can look up a charity on their website and donate using (only) a Capital One credit card and 100% of the donation actually goes to the charity. For the lazy, here's the link to the form to donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

If you have a Capital One card, I highly recommend going this route, if only to encourage its continued existence and maybe help shame the other companies into following suit. If anyone else knows of a permanent site that performs the same function for any other credit card company, please feel free to share. For everyone else, here's the form for donating to St. Jude's by check.

Also, I'd love it if I could get a signal boost on this information, but I refuse to go anywhere near spn_gossip right now, I'm not sure that it's appropriate for spnanonhaven or any of the other fandom comms I'm a part of, and I don't have twitter or tumblr - if someone has the balls to tweet it to Jared I'll actually dig around and find ten more bucks to throw on the check in your name (and hell, I'll throw in a charity fic prompt as well, because hey, that's how fandom rolls - at least a drabble, any fandom except for RPF/J2 for obvious reasons, to the first person who sends the tweet). Feel free to copy/paste any of the above information and spread it however you can - I don't care if my name's attached to it, I just can't stand pretty much any of the facts that I've just listed above and I'm gonna stop now before my RAEG gets completely out of hand. But if you have any questions, go ahead and ask.

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After three years of trying, I finally was able to sign up as a full participant of Remix this year!  I can't wait for my assignment (even though I have four fics already with timers on them that I need to get to quick.)  If you're eligible, go sign up already!
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A few more tidbits (because when my symptoms are bad I don't like to say much, and I have to get these things out while I can)

1.  I'm signed up for the [info]spn_j2_bigbang  - and can't really work on my story too much, because I need more canon.  Still, I've gone through like eight pages of the sign ups (boy, that's a popular challenge) and no one else is writing my pairing, so I'm excited.

2.  I'm also signed up for the [info]sncross_bigbang  - round three for them, but my second time around in that challenge - last year I produced one of my favorite stories ever for them.  This year I'm actually finishing the story I put down to write that fic, Dead Letters, so this is official notice that there won't be any more updates to that until I have a posting date - but a promise that it will be finished.

3.  I'm actually MORE excited about reading (and possibly beta-ing) [info]claudiapriscus' story for that challenge - ah, but I've already said too much.

4.  I'm on sale again, this time to [info]help_queensland - as I told [info]lexhibition , I'm broke and have not much else to offer. Yes, I'll be able to write your fic in the midst of all this other stuff, I swear (I came through the last time, I'll come through again). You can find my post here.  Starting bid is $5, so have at, or go offer your own services, my insanely talented and wonderful friends.
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I've been helping my cousins renovate the upstairs apartment at their grandparent's house - lots of sanding, varnishing and joining.  It's been fun - I always find manual labor therapeutic.  Today we were coming home and J mentioned he was going to friend's house tomorrow to "fix that crib of hers."

A replied, "Oh, the babyslayer?"

I fell over laughing.  I do love those boys.

Other things of interest:

- I got recced on [info]crack_impalaTwo weeks in a row.  I'm seriously blushing over this, but apparently now that I'm writing porn, I do it well.  Accolades are also due to [info]callowyn , my coauthor on The Weight and my beta for The Many Forms of Comfort.  And to all the rest of you who helped and are such horrible influences on me.  =)

There was some other things I meant to say, but I've forgotten what they are, so I'll just amble off now - I think I need a nap.  It's that kind of a day.

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So, marking the end of my inaugural Holiday Smut-Spree (and no, I'd never written a word of porn before this, not even on kink meme), I co-wrote a Robo!Sam/2014!Dean/2014!Cas fic with [Poll #1664580]


Dec. 21st, 2010 07:44 pm
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A whole bunch of my fave authors and f-listies just posted fic and I want to read it and review it all and on the other hand I'm about to crash and burn and so maybe tomorrow, my lovelies?  It all looks so wonderful and awesome and I promise I can't wait to read it, but right now the words are looking like they're all running together and if I start reviewing I'll tell you how much I liked that thing with the watermelon and you'll start wondering if I need to adjust my meds, so I'll read in the morning instead, when I can really appreciate it.
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Oh, bespoke waiter, why must your breath-taking beauty, even with a lousy haircut, rob me of all powers of intelligent or even coherent speech?  I might be able to woo you with my wits but everytime I see you my tongue gets all mushy and I start to drool a little bit.  And once again, I left my take-out container on the table afterwards because I had to run out of the restaurant and go fan myself before I regained the capability for rational thought.

And yet over at the love meme, my beloved f-list keeps accusing me of being intelligent.  Foolish mortals - you've never seen me wilt in the light of the Adonis of my libidinous dreams.  Despite your misconceptions, however, I still love you all and remain totally humbled by the concept that such awesome people are so fond of my absurd scribblings.

Checking In

Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:24 pm
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I know I've been out of touch and that's only going to get worse for the next month.  Sorry guys!

1.  Reverse Big Bang fic is done!  And 25,000 words long - only five times the minimum, heaven help me.  And the art for it is amazing - can't wait for the rest of you to see it on November 7.  So much love to jjhunter and dollarformyname for working with me on it.

2.  xover_exchange fic is half written. 

3.  Need to work on my report now.

I'm not keeping up on anything, I'm dreading the election results tonight, but fuck it, I'm going to go see Neil Gaiman, so I'm just going to laugh and keep pressing on.
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Bunch of quick notes because I finally feel like I'm making actual progress on my Master's report but all sorts of stuff is going on in fandom and I haven't been keeping up.

1. Reena_jenkins posted two more of my Buffy/Doctor Who stories as podfics - Impossible Things and its sequel, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. She is made of awesome and she did a fantastic job. [Link to podfics]

2. There's a Supernatural crossover comment!fic meme going on that really needs more love: twisted_yarns. I've posted two prompts and responded to one (you can probably guess which one is me, even though I've never written that particular crossover before). Go give it love! [link to the current prompt post]

3.  I'm up to three thousand words on my help_pakistan fic and have acquired a beta for it, the lovely [personal profile] jjhunter .  I should be able to finish under the deadline, which is good, although I've forgotten when the deadline is, which is bad.

4.  Speaking of jj, in exchange for her work, I'm beta-ing her very interesting Batman/BtVS story and having a blast talking meta with her.  The story's YAHF, not a genre I usually enjoy, but this one's an exception and it's incredibly thoughtful while also being funny and intriguing.  Good stufff: [Link to Knight of Faith]

5.  Very excited about the author claims post going up for the Supernatural reversebigbang.  I've had good luck writing stories based on art before (see item #1) and it'll be yet another notch on my (slowly growing) single-fandom bedpost.  On the other hand: just what I needed, another thing to write.  AAAAAACCCCKKKK!

That being said, back to Arab philosophy with me.  Al-Ghazali was such a card.

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To start: reena-jenkins has read a marvelous podfic of  Hellmouth High Schools Don't Have Reunions, one of my Buffy/Doctor Who crossovers --- Link to podfic -- Link to podbook (with cover art!) -- I don't know much about podfic, but it held my notoriously short attention span even though I hate re-reading my own stuff after it's been published - mostly I'll only do it when starting a sequel or trying to add to a dormant WIP.  I'm now fighting the urge to go back and completely re-edit the story to meet my current standards.  (Why didn't I use a beta?  What did I have against the word 'said'?)  Rest assured: any faults with this project fall on my side.  Thanks so much, reena, and if you still want to tackle Impossible Things, I'd be absolutely thrilled.

On that note: I'm about five days worth of postings behind on finishing my spn_j2_bigbang rec list. 
One of the reasons I don't know much about podfics is because I'm kind of a speed-reader and podfics slow down the rate at which I consume words; to wit: at the very least I started and in most cases I read through every non-D/C story published this round  (I'm not anti-D/C, per se, but my lack of enthusiasm for the pairing in general means that I'm really not qualified to judge D/C fic).  I'd do the math on how many words that is (and that's not all I was reading this summer) but I'm certain the total would be highly embarrassing. 

Anyway, the rec list will be fairly comprehensive and there's already twenty stories on it.  I just need to catch up on the ones published in the last week while I was moving back to school and then I'll post the rec list.  The reading's going a little slower now due to school things, me actually writing my own fic, and me trying to read through nominees at the Crossing Over Awards.  I'd pimp myself over there but honestly, my stories are up against some serious competition and I have no expectations whatsoever.  (The 'Best Non-BtVS/AtS Crossover' category is so incredibly strong this year, it's mind-boggling.)


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