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Self-Cest Meme Update: Looking for Authors!

Self-Cest Comment Fic Meme
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So, the response to the meme has been rather overwhelming. I couldn't be happier: there are some prompts in there that I'm absolutely dying to read. I'm also not entirely sure how word of is spreading: there are people promoting it on tumblr (thanks!), I posted a promo at crossoverfic and at a couple specific fandom communities; but I've never met half the commenters (which is awesome, nice to meet you all!), and what's more, I've never heard of some of these fandoms before!

Which is fantastic, but I do have one worry. It's great to see such diverse prompts, but it's a Comment-Fic Meme and those aren't nearly as fun as they should be if there aren't fills to go with the prompts. I've been doing my part, but my f-list is obviously dominated by people from my fandoms and this has become a truly multi-fandom meme.

So while I don't want to stop the prompts (not for another week or two at the least), if you're an author in any of the following fandoms, consider dropping in and seeing if you can make a fill (and feel free to leave your own prompt while you're there). Anonymous commenting is ON and IP logging is OFF for now; so if you're feeling a little shy about filling or prompting a kinky situation, feel free to do so anonymously.

Bear in mind, these are only the fandoms with existing prompts (and if I classified a fandom incorrectly, my apologies, I had to wiki more than a few of these and make my best guess).

Films/TV Films:

500 Days of Summer
American Gangster
Another Earth
Fight Club
Indiana Jones films
Jack Ryan films (Patriot Games, Clear & Present Danger)
Mission Impossible
Moon (2009)
The Losers (2010)
My Bloody Valentine
Stonehenge Apocalypse
Ten Inch Hero


Criminal Minds
Dharma & Greg
Doctor Who
The Magnificent Seven
Stargate (I think every series)
White Collar

Miscellaneous (anime, comics, theater, multiple media, things I've never even heard of which is kind of awesome, etc.)

Death Note
Digital Devil Saga
Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
Hamlet (RSC 2009)
The Seeker: Dark is Rising
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Marvel Comics (including Avengers)
Real Person Fiction (there are plenty of character/actor pairings)
Sherlock Holmes (All known incarnations)
Star Trek (I think all known forms)
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[personal profile] orchidfire 2012-02-11 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
I edit for [ profile] crossover_news (I'm [ profile] xenoamorist there) and saw your promo at [ profile] crossoverfic, which is how I found the meme. :) [personal profile] whynot also posted a link on her DW/LJ, which was where I first saw it, but I didn't have time when I saw that entry to go through the prompts.

I shall now proceed to do my duty as an author and fill as many prompts as I can. \o/