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Self-Cest Comment Fic Meme
Banner by [personal profile] thecookiemomma

So, the response to the meme has been rather overwhelming. I couldn't be happier: there are some prompts in there that I'm absolutely dying to read. I'm also not entirely sure how word of is spreading: there are people promoting it on tumblr (thanks!), I posted a promo at crossoverfic and at a couple specific fandom communities; but I've never met half the commenters (which is awesome, nice to meet you all!), and what's more, I've never heard of some of these fandoms before!

Which is fantastic, but I do have one worry. It's great to see such diverse prompts, but it's a Comment-Fic Meme and those aren't nearly as fun as they should be if there aren't fills to go with the prompts. I've been doing my part, but my f-list is obviously dominated by people from my fandoms and this has become a truly multi-fandom meme.

So while I don't want to stop the prompts (not for another week or two at the least), if you're an author in any of the following fandoms, consider dropping in and seeing if you can make a fill (and feel free to leave your own prompt while you're there). Anonymous commenting is ON and IP logging is OFF for now; so if you're feeling a little shy about filling or prompting a kinky situation, feel free to do so anonymously.

Bear in mind, these are only the fandoms with existing prompts (and if I classified a fandom incorrectly, my apologies, I had to wiki more than a few of these and make my best guess).

At least forty four different fandoms )
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Many thanks to [personal profile] thecookiemomma  for this lovely banner

This is a multi-fandom comment-fic meme based on the following exchange:

Callowyn: to me, there is no such thing as a crack pairing.
Morag: Would you ship Arthur from Inception with Tom from 500 Days of Summer?
Callowyn: dude, I invented a verse solely for reasons of misha kissing misha. I WOULD SHIP ANYONE WITH THEMSELVES. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT.
Morag: Challenge accepted.

And there’s so much to work with! How many times have characters canonically met their past selves, or alternate reality versions of themselves, or an evil doppelganger, or even run across the actors that play them? How many crossovers have you read where someone meets their look-alike from another universe? Think of the classic Buffy episode The Replacements, in which Riley Finn says of two Xanders: "Doesn't it make everyone wanna lock them in separate rooms and do experiments on them?"

Fuck that shit, let's see what happens when they're locked in a room together! Maybe they'll have sex? Awesome. We all love imagining pretty faces making out with each other. Now it’s time to imagine pretty faces making out with themselves!
We can all pretend that this meme had nothing to do with Mirror!Spock’s goatee, but we would be lying. )

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From [personal profile] edenfalling 

Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first full sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

Shit.  The nearest book I have is by Dan Savage.  All things considered, it could be worse.  From The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage and My Family:

"They must know people are coming here for summer vacation," Terry said, "and they figure they'll gouge you on drink mix."

Drunken sex after overpriced drinks?  That sounds nothing like me at all.  =D  Of course, when it comes to real life, I am an enormous Dan/Terry shipper, and Terry can make me quadruple margaritas any time he likes.

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I've been in a rather nasty mood all week. Can't exactly say why, there's a number of factors that contributed and frankly, I've already dedicated enough words and thoughts to most of them. So today I decided to take a break. Sit back. Watch a movie.

On a whim, I picked Howl. Possibly because I never mind spending an hour or so staring at James Franco. The film is sort of a biography of the poem and of Ginsberg and of the obscenity trial in 1957 that Ginsburg chose to ignore but won nonetheless. It's all a bit confusing, but that may have been the point: after all, as the trial transcript read, "One cannot translate poetry into prose." I think this may be a poem of a movie and as I often tell JJ, I simply don't understand poetry. I'm prosaic, what can I say.

Ginsberg has long been the main exception, but not the famous ones - not "Howl" or "Kaddish". My favorite poem longer than fourteen lines has always been Ginsberg's "America." I finally found the reading of it that's my favorite - it's an earlier version of the poem and varies in places than the final published text. Ginsberg's recitals of the final poem always sound dry, regretful, and serious. But in this recording Ginsberg sounds drunk and delighted - he's reading it in a club and the audience shouts back and laughs, because what this poem is about is pointing out the absurd for exactly what it is, and to recall that we can't take ourselves too seriously.

And I felt better for hearing that poem and drunken riotous laughter once more.  So, to come to peace with Supernatural and fandom and that which shook me and put the fear into me but which should never control me, I'm posting something I wrote long ago (on October 12, 2010, as it says) but never took credit for.  I thought of it and looked it over and yeah, I think it still works (or works as well as it ever did).  My apologies to Allen Ginsberg once again, but his queer shoulder has been and remains one I can lay my head upon and find great comfort.

Anon Meme (With all apologies to Allen Ginsberg) )

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This meme swiped from [info]chn_breathmint

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. —Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for? What am I associated with? I'm curious to find out what people expect when my name's on the story.
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Picked this up from idc_chan

Leave a comment, I'll give you five questions and you post them to your journal. Then I will ask for questions.

1. What is your ultimate crossover dream? 

A canonical crossover of Supernatural and Doctor Who - written by Stephen Moffat and directed by Mike Rohl. 
2. What is your favorite type of pie? 

Pecan - northern style (no cocoa)

3. How old are you and what is your hair color?

I'm twenty-seven and my hair is brown.

4. If you could meet one person alive or dead who would it be and what would you have for dinner?

Hmmm... tough question.  Richard Feynman, and we'd go to a Brazilian churrascaria and hopefully he'd be in the mood to play the bongos.

5. What is your favorite holiday and why? 

Christmas Eve - family, presents, charades, booze, and my uncle makes chateau briand with this shitaake mushroom butter sauce that I dream about for the rest of the year.  Christmas Day is good too, but Christmas Eve is always when the best stories happen.

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Picked this up from [ profile] jedibuttercup, who had a really amazing set, linked here

First Lines From My Last 21 Complete Stories (may contain spoilers) )


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