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moragmacpherson ([personal profile] moragmacpherson) wrote2010-12-27 09:55 am

Fic posts to LJ - Supernatural and Doctor Who/Discworld, also xover_exchange fics

 I've been having trouble making cuts and such work here on DW, so this is just a place marker directing my circle members to the two fic posts I just made: the first is my first ever porn fic (and heaven help me, it's Wincest), and the second is a collection of writer's block busting ficlets I wrote for prompters a few weeks back.  Then there are my xover_exchange fics, one Torchwood/Firefly and the other Doctor Who/Leverage

The Many Forms of Comfort (Supernatural, NC-17, Sam/Dean)

Four Ficlets for Supernatural, one Doctor Who/Discworld (PG-13, Gen)

Too Good to Be True (Torchwood/Firefly, PG-13, Gen)

The Nick of Time Job (Doctor Who/Leverage, PG-13, Gen)