Dec. 27th, 2010

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A couple weeks back I was feeling writer's blocked (it happens), and so I opened a bottle of wine and asked a bunch of f-listies for five prompts, all of which would get comment!fic filled that night.  These are those fics, all cleaned up a bit, but because I'm feeling too lazy to deal with headers, just take my word for it that all of these are rated PG-13, are gen, I don't own any of the characters involved, there are spoilers up through the current season of Supernatural, that the prompts can act as summaries, and that none of this is beta'd.  It was, however, fun.  

Sam doesn't want his soul back, but that's okay. His soul doesn't want him back either )

Something Jo left out of her Yahoo! Personal: Jo Harvelle knows knives even better than she knows beer )

In which I fail yet again at coming up with prompts, cause all I got is this: bird shit. )

Turns out, Castiel is totally lying about the war in Heaven. )

The Doctor uses the chameleon arch to change into something other than human )

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 I've been having trouble making cuts and such work here on DW, so this is just a place marker directing my circle members to the two fic posts I just made: the first is my first ever porn fic (and heaven help me, it's Wincest), and the second is a collection of writer's block busting ficlets I wrote for prompters a few weeks back.  Then there are my xover_exchange fics, one Torchwood/Firefly and the other Doctor Who/Leverage

The Many Forms of Comfort (Supernatural, NC-17, Sam/Dean)

Four Ficlets for Supernatural, one Doctor Who/Discworld (PG-13, Gen)

Too Good to Be True (Torchwood/Firefly, PG-13, Gen)

The Nick of Time Job (Doctor Who/Leverage, PG-13, Gen)


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