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Last night [info]snickfic was kind enough to rec my SPN/Discworld crossover A Grand Sneer and had some lovely things to say about it (thanks, btw).  Being insecure, not having looked at it in, well, a long while, and wondering how I've grown as a writer since, I went back to see if I really had done some of the things in it that s/he'd mentioned.  I only got to the end of the first chapter before I face-palmed:

"Get back!" shouted Dean, pulling his pearl-handled automatic out of his belt and taking aim.

Oh, Self, you were so naive back then.  Semi-automatic, Dean's Colt m1911 is a semi-automatic, which is a whole other thing.  (This is why rereading your own work is always a dangerous thing).  Then again, it was my first Supernatural fic and as a writer I started out in two fandoms (Buffy and Doctor Who) whose canons are notoriously anti-gun (penalties range up to "being flayed alive onscreen" for villains who show up with them). So for a long time I didn't really need to know about guns, and not being the type who much cares for guns in the real world (I'm a knife/aluminum baseball bat kind of girl), I had little to no interest in researching them.  Leading me to write things like the above.  **Cringes**

Bad Self. Research is always important. Especially when you start expanding into new fandoms )

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This is cleaned up and reposted from some anonymous comments I made. I've been working on this theory for awhile now, and this discussion prompted me to finally write the whole damn thing down, if you'd like the context.

Basically, this connects the dots that we got in canon to develop a plausible road map from the Bendy Weekend to the end of 99 Problems, based on the premise that, physically, Lisa has been Dean's dream-girl since he met her, and explores his relationship with her from there on, as well as exploring Dean's love affair with death and his deteriorating regard for his father. His relationships with Mary, Ellen, Jo, and Castiel don't play much into this particular roadmap, though I don't deny their importance in developing his character, it's just this is a bit long already.

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Spent the last two days catching up on all of Doctor Who since the end of series four.  My thoughts below:

Lots of spoilery bits through the end of series five... )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 12:21 am
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So I got to go to the Machete premiere tonight and had a great deal of fun people watching before the show.  Austin doesn't do red carpets quite like most places: there were as many people in ripped t-shirts as gowns, and judging by the pictures from Venice, Robert Rodriguez hasn't changed his clothes in 48 hours.  But he did make a point of going out of his way to shake the hand of my favorite usher at the Paramount, an 83 year old lady with a cane who doesn't take any guff from anyone, so he gets full credit for that.

I never go to a Rodriguez film expecting deep social commentary or anything: I want shit to blow up and gore and for each character to be more bad ass than the last.  And you get that.  But one of the things I do love about him is that in a movie with more casual female nudity than has been seen on screen since... well, Sin City, probably - it also passes the Bechdel test with flying colors.  Every character Rodriguez writes is something of a cartoon, but his women kick just as much ass as his men do

Still not sure what was up with Lindsey Lohan's character though.

Oh, and when la revolucion comes, it's going to be a procession of low riders.  I so wish I had been in town to watch them film *that* sequence.
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So, Facebook, in its apparent never-ending quest to conquer the rest of the internet, is now cross-postable with LJ. You may have heard about this; I'm about the last person on my f-list to make a post about it, so I'm pretty certain you have. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here's my deal:

I personally have no use for this option and have further taken the step of changing the e-mail account associated with my Facebook so that there's no chance of software linking my LJ/DW posts with my Facebook/RL identity. There are a couple of folks out there who know a bit more about my RL than others (though there is only one who knows me in RL), and as I develop relationships with you wacky folks, I am willing to gradually share more. There are a few of you whom, if the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn't mind having a drink with. But the fact is: I like having a separate fandom identity, a place where I can occasionally bitch about my (frequently much wankier) RL and write silly stories and lust after fictional characters without fear of consequences and/or hearing about it from my family for the next fifty years. I certainly don't need my professional contacts to know exactly how much time and effort I spend thinking and writing about comic books, tv shows, and other things that they're not paying me to think about.

Long story short: I'm not posting anything from LJ/DW on Facebook, and while a couple of you know my real name, in fandom, I'm always going to be Morag. If I post something so absolutely dripping with brilliant wit that you feel the need to share it with Facebook (I know, I know, I'm just that funny and wonderful), then go ahead and share it, link it, whatever, but share it as Morag's, and don't sully it by associating it with the meatsuit doing the typing.

P.S. - If you've decided to move to DW, I'm moragmacpherson there as well.

ETA: I have no intentions of abandoning LJ any time soon (I just got it broken in), but I added the crosspost footer from DW so that folks can comment where they prefer. In general I'm better at keeping up with my LJ f-list than my DW circle, but I can work on that too.
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Okay, all of you guys from the 19th century and earlier writing commentaries on Aristotelian physics: could you please define the symbols you're using for physical constants?  If I don't know what alpha stands for then it's really hard for me to follow your discussion of the faults of "v α F/R; F>0; R=0". 

I'm pretty sure v is velocity, F is force and R is resistance, but I have absolutely no clue on alpha, and none of the modern uses of alpha make any sense.  And no, there's no decent prose statement of the law either.

(Yes, I know Aristotle's dividing by zero there, which is problematic, but the formula has to do with the motion of celestial spheres, which he believed was infinite, and while I always thought dividing by zero = does not exist, Roomie assures me that the result of dividing by zero could also be termed infinite)
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Ohmigod, does the Snoop Dog tribute to Sookie Stackhouse count as filk?  This is so fantastic, I completely lack the words.

In other words, they aren't pulling the punches on the Ho!Yay this season, are they?
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So, yeah... this is the week that I get to take a trip downstate and go lie down in the machine that goes "wub-wub-wub" (only slightly less expensive than the machine that goes "ping") and find out if I've got a short-term or a long-term issue to deal with (fortunately, so far it appears unlikely that it will turn out to be a condition that makes my long-term any shorter, so yay for that).  I'm less than happy about this, but hey, better to rip it off like a band-aid, right?  Anyway, I'm trying to shake myself out of the self-indulgent and obsessive funk that I've been in for the last two weeks or so, and what better way to do that than to make a self-indulgent, obsessive request?  (This is how homeopathy works, or so I've been told)

Here's the deal: there's been some wank lately about people writing fanfic about other people's fanfic.  And I say: to hell with that.  I'd love to see someone interrogate my text from a different perspective.  So, as a cheer-up request, invitation, what-have-you, I'm opening up my sandboxes to anyone who wants to play: be they remixes, sequels, missing-scenes, vignettes, meta-commentary, what-ever-crazy-fan-thing-it-is-you-do.  I think [ profile] fish_echo and others better versed in meta would say that the blanket term is "transformative works," or I may be abusing that term entirely.  All I ask is for you to send me a link to see it so that I can ooh and awe or potentially tilt my head at it appropriately ('Dean slashed with the tentacled demon from the UU courtyard?  Oh, and look, the author included helpful diagrams.').  For those of you looking at this on a friends page, there's a link to my Master Fic list at the bottom of this post.

So, please, go nuts.  Make me giggle, make me wish I had thought of that, for the love of God, give me something else to read besides the emedicine articles on de-myelinating diseases because they're depressing as all hell.  And, for the record, this is my official policy on transformative works from here on in.  All's fair.

[Link to Master Fic List]
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My dearly beloved Roomie is not a participant in fandom, but she watches most of the same things that I do, reads a lot of the same things I do, and teases me for my fanfiction and internet addiction in general.  This leads to exchanges like this one from last night, when I finally watched Avatar on her parents' Home Theater System of Doom:

Me:  Eww... ganglia.  Do the Na'vi stick those into everything?
Roomie:  Pretty much.  They also have tails.
Me:  ::shudders::  Remind me never to read the fanfic.
Roomie:  ::grins::  Rule 34 is a cruel mistress.

Some other fun fandom observations from Roomie in the last few weeks )
In other news, my [ profile] sncross_bigbang  fic got claimed by an artist!  It's very exciting, I can't wait to see what she comes up with.  I'm also looking at the story for the first time in about a week this weekend - having given myself a break, I'm hoping I'll be able to see the text with clearer, more objective eyes.  Deadline's May 3rd for both me and the artist, it's going to be really exciting for me to see what this fic's final form looks like (and you'll all be happy that I've stopped nattering about it)
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Finally caught Alice in Wonderland last night and am trying to figure out if it worked.  (I read it as an attempt to finally make Campbell's Hero's Journey work with a sexually mature female in the Hero role - I'm pretty sure it fails at the very end, but it's going to take longer to pull the various threads together)  There's a lot more of this meta, but I'm still sorting out some of it, may or may not ever actually make it up here, but a few pieces that I felt like sharing right off the bat.
Attempts at giving Campbell's Hero a Woman's Face )

The Queen of Hearts and Sex )

Soundtrack Allusions and Connections )



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