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"I...OK, not a crossover that would have occurred to me right off, but it works kind of scarily well." - Ao3 bookmark comment by MollyC

This sums up about half the comments this series has received, reminding me that not everyone has spent the last six months obsessing over Superception the way I have.  For me, this is a parallel head canon, so I'm always confused by people being surprised that it works. Of course it works! This is how it happened!

The thing of it is: I love this crossover and I will never be able to write all of the fic that I want in it.  Plus, I'm lazy and would like to read some without having to write it first. Hence this post: the merged timeline of my Superception 'verse, "Not Such As I Was".  If you're curious how to pull the two canons together, here are the basic mechanics and back story for how I chose to do it: a mix of canon, fanon, historical fiction, applied phlebotinum, miracles, and, of course, True Love(s).

I post it in the hopes it may inspire some people to cross these canons over in completely different ways.  It's also an open invitation for other people to join this sandbox; after the timeline, there are some general guidelines that I'm using while writing the series, further details on Project Lavoisier, quite a bit of miscellany and some story ideas that I don't know if I'll ever get around to incorporating.  But maybe one of you will.

Needless to say: here there be spoilers-- probably.  This is a living document: it's how I think the two canons interacted prior to June 2012 (with the help of my accomplices - Cally, Squid, Sis, DS, Mel, Lass and anyone else whose ear I've talked off: THANK YOU.).  Particular details about events may change in the process of fic writing, or if someone happens to come along with some much better idea about what happened.  Also, these are by no means the only places where the canons intersected: others almost certainly happened, it's just they haven't been noticed yet.  So if you notice 'em, feel free to tell us all about 'em.

The Road So Far... )

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Thing the First: Catching up on Leverage and there was Hardison in a waistcoat. I thought my waistcoat-thing was just due to Arthur, but no, it's its own thing.

Thing the Second:
I'm actually trying real, no-holds-barred self-editing on a story, which I haven't done in ages because my betas spoil the crap out of me. I swear that most of what I'm doing is deleting over-dramatic lines, eliminating parts that at one point fit where I thought the story was going but didn't in the finished product, and stream-lining dialogue. Despite this, the word count has gone up by almost a thousand words from where it started. Seriously, WTF?

Six word stories! )
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As I often do when I'm totally unhappy with everything I write (and given that I've written more than forty pages of fic and thesis in that time, that's a whole lot of work to disown), I have turned to Hunter Thompson for inspiration.  I should know better than to do this, but he's the writer with whom I most personally identify. The well-worn free-associating paths of his thoughts echo my own, and he too celebrated those moments when writing came as a joy even as he admitted that the motions of writing for pay or on demand often made him feel like an old whore faking ecstatic screams.  To the customers it's all the same, and that is both a blessing and a vile miscarriage of justice.  I miss Hunter dearly and I think I may have finally forgiven him but he leads me to nihilism and that makes me unproductive. Also, it led me to start reading Mencken and now I feel kind of dirty for it.

But I do have some comfort.  He is 6'3" (you know I like 'em tall)  and he is a most capable champion as he has overcome not only time and space — but any objections.  Sometimes you look into the abyss and a pooka in the form of a giant rabbit looks back at you.  This is a good thing, a necessary thing, a beautiful thing.  Sometimes we need a reminder that there is more than one way to rid ourselves of the pain of being a man. 

I think Hunter would have approved of this coping mechanism.  After all, weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of 'the rat race' is not yet final.
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I don't normally look to sportswriters for particularly insightful social commentary (with the notable exceptions of the late Hunter S. Thompson and the late Ralph Wiley). I particularly don't usually look for it at CBS Sports—home of Jimmy 'the Greek' Snyder, whose coworkers maintain to this day that they didn't think he was particularly racist). But this Dan Bernstein article on the child-molestation scandal and (repeated!) cover ups at Penn State is... well, I'll let it speak for itself:

But you have to do it. You have to read every word, every sickening description and every name involved in the institutionalized evil at Penn State. Your opinion about anything going on is invalid if you have not yet done so... )

Read Bernstein's whole article here. Then steel your stomach and read the grand jury report.  And when some idiot friend/co-worker/relative tries to play apologist for Joe Paterno over the next couple of weeks or at Thanksgiving, cry 'havoc' and let slip the dogs of war. 

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This meme swiped from [info]chn_breathmint

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. —Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for? What am I associated with? I'm curious to find out what people expect when my name's on the story.
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Arthur.  Lovely, honorable name of ambiguous ethnic and etymological origins, although it does seem to muck about with bears an awful lot.  There are worse ways to be named for a bear.  "Ursula" for one has always reminded me of the sound I make when I vomit for a particularly long period.  And "Beowulf" is fine but it makes people think that any moment you're going to start quaffing all over the upholstery (that's not another vomit joke, don't give me that look).  No, "Arthur" captures the whole 'bear' bit while being vaguely medieval but still a bit modern and maybe a little posh with only a little bit of scruffy growling Anglo/Celtic violence poking out at the ends.  It rather suits you.  That's not my problem.

The problem, my love - my muse, my great internal critic - is that your name contains half the bloody vowel sounds a mammalian throat is capable of producing if you pronounce them long and languid to be savored properly (the way I hear it in my head), and picks up half of the remainder if you pronounce it terse and broken like most Americans do instead.  I shan't bring up the issue of rhotic versus rolling "r"s lest we wind up fighting about them until next Sunday and they only complicate the next bit, which I'm getting to.

This wouldn't be an issue if you'd simply tell me your real last name. 

But you're a stubborn bastard and so I've been forced to make one up for you.  (I know I'm neither the first nor the last to do so and no: I don't care; and yes: I am indeed a very special fucking snowflake, thank you for mentioning it, you sarcastic prick)  And I keep finding wonderful, meaningful names to match you with: all of which have at least one internal rhyme and and worse, both internal and external rhymes, and therefore sound about as natural and unforced as a Marvel villain's when attached to Arthur.

I know this is illogical: that Arthur Miller was indeed a real live human who wrote some good plays and some bad plays, but published all of them under a given name with two internal rhymes and never thought about it twice. But it's giving me fits, driving me to distraction when I've things I'd much rather be doing to you and so I really must insist: tell me your name.  I promise I won't share it.  I won't even rhyme mine to the real one.  All I'm asking for is the ghost of a clue.
*Conveniently phrased in Eames' voice that you might actually rise to the taunt

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Dear self:

After finally managing to watch the Vietnam portion (rather than just the Paris Island scenes) of Full Metal Jacket, your main urge after watching it should not be to write John Winchester/Animal Mother slash, no matter how good looking Adam Baldwin was when he was that young. 

It's a movie about the horrors of war and didn't we learn our lesson about mixing war and lust with Generation Kill?  So please stop.  Remember, the only thing that Animal Mother would let his balls get blown off for isn't freedom, it's poon-tang.   

What Little Conscience I Have Left

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Last night [info]snickfic was kind enough to rec my SPN/Discworld crossover A Grand Sneer and had some lovely things to say about it (thanks, btw).  Being insecure, not having looked at it in, well, a long while, and wondering how I've grown as a writer since, I went back to see if I really had done some of the things in it that s/he'd mentioned.  I only got to the end of the first chapter before I face-palmed:

"Get back!" shouted Dean, pulling his pearl-handled automatic out of his belt and taking aim.

Oh, Self, you were so naive back then.  Semi-automatic, Dean's Colt m1911 is a semi-automatic, which is a whole other thing.  (This is why rereading your own work is always a dangerous thing).  Then again, it was my first Supernatural fic and as a writer I started out in two fandoms (Buffy and Doctor Who) whose canons are notoriously anti-gun (penalties range up to "being flayed alive onscreen" for villains who show up with them). So for a long time I didn't really need to know about guns, and not being the type who much cares for guns in the real world (I'm a knife/aluminum baseball bat kind of girl), I had little to no interest in researching them.  Leading me to write things like the above.  **Cringes**

Bad Self. Research is always important. Especially when you start expanding into new fandoms )

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A few more tidbits (because when my symptoms are bad I don't like to say much, and I have to get these things out while I can)

1.  I'm signed up for the [info]spn_j2_bigbang  - and can't really work on my story too much, because I need more canon.  Still, I've gone through like eight pages of the sign ups (boy, that's a popular challenge) and no one else is writing my pairing, so I'm excited.

2.  I'm also signed up for the [info]sncross_bigbang  - round three for them, but my second time around in that challenge - last year I produced one of my favorite stories ever for them.  This year I'm actually finishing the story I put down to write that fic, Dead Letters, so this is official notice that there won't be any more updates to that until I have a posting date - but a promise that it will be finished.

3.  I'm actually MORE excited about reading (and possibly beta-ing) [info]claudiapriscus' story for that challenge - ah, but I've already said too much.

4.  I'm on sale again, this time to [info]help_queensland - as I told [info]lexhibition , I'm broke and have not much else to offer. Yes, I'll be able to write your fic in the midst of all this other stuff, I swear (I came through the last time, I'll come through again). You can find my post here.  Starting bid is $5, so have at, or go offer your own services, my insanely talented and wonderful friends.

Checking In

Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:24 pm
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I know I've been out of touch and that's only going to get worse for the next month.  Sorry guys!

1.  Reverse Big Bang fic is done!  And 25,000 words long - only five times the minimum, heaven help me.  And the art for it is amazing - can't wait for the rest of you to see it on November 7.  So much love to jjhunter and dollarformyname for working with me on it.

2.  xover_exchange fic is half written. 

3.  Need to work on my report now.

I'm not keeping up on anything, I'm dreading the election results tonight, but fuck it, I'm going to go see Neil Gaiman, so I'm just going to laugh and keep pressing on.
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It just seems that way.  Truth is I've been a busy little writer between things of school and my Reverse Big Bang story (which just broke the 10k mark).  Posting date is November 7, and this is going to be a dramatic shift for me:

1) This is the longest single-fandom story I've written since high school (when I wrote under a different nom de plume - sorry, I'm pretty sure most of the stories aren't on the 'net anymore and I've long since lost those hard drives)
2) It's the first R rated story that I've written under this name.  And I'm not kidding about that R - this is some dark, dark stuff.  Which is what I get for setting the story in Hell.  But I actually had a lovely correspondence with the mods about exactly what genre and warnings need to be on this story.  Still, I'm actually worried about WARNINGS.  This is new territory for me.

Okie dokie, off to write more.  Cheers, my lovelies.

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1. help_pakistan fic is done and in my trusty beta's hands now. As is my way, a story I thought was going to take 3,000 words to tell wound up 6,500 words long, but it's written and I'm pretty happy with it. I hope bookchan will be as well.

2. Sent a rough outline to my artist for the Supernatural Reverse Big Bang and she approved it pretty enthusiastically, so I'm all set to start writing that. The requirement is five thousand words and the outline is five hundred words: we'll see how out of control that gets.

3. Received my assignment for xover_exchange and all I have to say is: WHAAAARRRRGARBL! Okay, it's going to require me to write for a shared fandom I didn't sign up for and use one of the vaguest prompts given, but I think I can make this work. I hope.

4. While I was trying to figure out the middle of the help_pakistan story, I managed to write two stories for twisted_yarns, which I've since claimed. Play It, Sam and its sequel/companion, I Google You, are both fluffy little pieces responding to a prompt requesting romance between Sam Winchester and Sam Carter. They're un-beta'd, but I cleaned them up a bit for reposting on AO3.

5. Added links to my AO3 account and the delicious of my fic over on the sidebar, but still haven't gotten around to updating the Master Fic list (but the delicious is at least up to date). Will ponder doing that after sleep.

Okay, sleep now.

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I think I finally worked out the scene in the help_pakistan story that I was whinging about last night.  And it's from canon no less!  Thank heavens: otherwise I was going to have to start asking bookchan about an extension, which I'd have felt lousy about.

Oh, and I got my second choice at the Reverse BB this morning, but I'm actually more excited to see my first choice prompt in the hands of the author who beat me to it than I was about my own plot bunny.  And I quite like my second choice (it had been hard to rank them in the first place) as it offers lots of possibilities.  If the artist is checking out my journal, feel free to contact me ahead of the reveal so that I can start tossing ideas in your direction. 

And then I can start sorting through the Cas/Jack notes I got from [personal profile] fish_echo  last night.  It's going to be another rebuild (but a necessary one that will make the fic much better.)
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So I'm working on my help_pakistan fic and, in accordance with bookchan's wishes, have dropped the SG-1 team in the midst of Lancre.  I've got the beginning and the end bits set up and I'm pretty sure they work out fine, (and because I'm on an in media res kick, they're both in the first bits) but I'm on the middle parts and... gyahhh.  Balancing the jokes I want to make with Exposition Overload and it's all just... arglebarglewharglegarb, not to mention that Jack and Teal'c keep disappearing for paragraphs at a time.  I'm on attempt number five to get this scene written and if it doesn't work out soon the whole bloody thing's getting hand-waved.  In the immortal words of James May: "Cock!"

P.S. - Thanks to everyone who offered help with the speed of Discworld light question.  I'm pretty sure THAT joke at least is going to make it in, regardless of what else happens, is probably going to stick around

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Bunch of quick notes because I finally feel like I'm making actual progress on my Master's report but all sorts of stuff is going on in fandom and I haven't been keeping up.

1. Reena_jenkins posted two more of my Buffy/Doctor Who stories as podfics - Impossible Things and its sequel, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. She is made of awesome and she did a fantastic job. [Link to podfics]

2. There's a Supernatural crossover comment!fic meme going on that really needs more love: twisted_yarns. I've posted two prompts and responded to one (you can probably guess which one is me, even though I've never written that particular crossover before). Go give it love! [link to the current prompt post]

3.  I'm up to three thousand words on my help_pakistan fic and have acquired a beta for it, the lovely [personal profile] jjhunter .  I should be able to finish under the deadline, which is good, although I've forgotten when the deadline is, which is bad.

4.  Speaking of jj, in exchange for her work, I'm beta-ing her very interesting Batman/BtVS story and having a blast talking meta with her.  The story's YAHF, not a genre I usually enjoy, but this one's an exception and it's incredibly thoughtful while also being funny and intriguing.  Good stufff: [Link to Knight of Faith]

5.  Very excited about the author claims post going up for the Supernatural reversebigbang.  I've had good luck writing stories based on art before (see item #1) and it'll be yet another notch on my (slowly growing) single-fandom bedpost.  On the other hand: just what I needed, another thing to write.  AAAAAACCCCKKKK!

That being said, back to Arab philosophy with me.  Al-Ghazali was such a card.

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Hey folks - so my [community profile] help_pakistan  prompt is for a Discworld/SG-1 crossover, and it's starting to shape up - in a stunning reversal I'm writing gen humor again - it'll definitely be more than 1,000 words but probably won't be more than 5,000 - but, things being how they are, I've lost track of who here I've discovered in which fandoms. 

So, any of you who are familiar with both canons (particularly Lancre and Feegles on the DW end (and mighty is my bitterness that the new Feegle book isn't going to come out in the States until way too late for me to utilize it for this story), and I'm pretty sure I'm using a season 2 or 3 SG-1 team), who might be willing to beta this story for me, please let me know.  Or if you have a friend who would, pass the word along.  And thanks!
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I'm claiming this comment fic I wrote in spnpermanon because I'd like be a full participant in remix next year and I'm hardly ever inspired to write non-crossovers. It's a silly one-joke Plot.What.Plot? with bonus self!insertion in response to a nonnie who asked for it after I confessed my long held desire to scale Sam Winchester and plant a flag at the summit. Slightly expanded from the original.

Title: Dashed Cunning
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Genre: Gen-ish, with aspirations toward het (I can dream, yeah?)
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, OFC
Word Count: 130
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean and Supernatural belong to Kripke and the CW.
Summary: There's a really short girl at the door and she seems to have a plan.

Dean nodded at the girl and said, "Give us just a second, okay?" He struggled to keep a grin off his face as he partially shut the door and turned to his brother. "Uh, Sammy, there's some midget-chick here for you."

Sam sat up straighter on the bed. "Oh God! What does she want? Help reaching something?" Dean shook his head. "Help carrying something?" Dean shook his head again and Sam ran his hand through his hair, tugging at the strands in desperation. "Tea?" he asked, his voice rising to a squeak, completely at the end of his rope.

Now Dean allowed himself to grin. "I'm thinking she's after something a little different. She's brought a flag."

Sam's face dropped. "Damn," he whimpered while Dean pulled the door back open.
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Okie dokie, this is an exercise in gonzo journalism or a Lester Bangs-inspired indulgence.  iTunes is set on random, and I'll write about whatever comes up for however long as the song lasts.  We'll see if anything of interest shows up.  A caveat: there may have been a little bit of whiskey involved in the decision to embark on this enterprise, and it's still flowing.

A thousand words about random songs )

And I think that lyric might have been it for me.  Wow, that's a thousand words of self-indulgence.  Fuck it, post it, be done with it - that's the joy of music, it's the catharsis. 

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Now that I've slept (fourteen hour workdays are good for no one and it's a good thing my boss is in another part of the state today because otherwise homicide was a very strong possibility for the morning), I have a couple of fun things to post.

First, Booster and I have been nominated over at the Something Wicked Awards for the latest part of our crossover cliffhanger saga, Old Friends, New Adventures (he's got additional awesome and was also nominated for one of his gen stories). If you're not familiar with our A Girl and Her Time Lord series, it features Dawn, the Tenth Doctor, a seven-foot tall lisping lizard, a vole, as well as many others, and it gets wonderful comments that repeatedly question our sanity. Possibly because it's co-authored, it's one of very few stories of mine that I'll reread simply to cheer myself up. The first part is Things to Do When the Universe Ends.

Second, a fic rec!  If you like Supernatural gen-fic at all, I strongly suggest you give Denyce's The Fate and Damnation of One Man's Legacy a shot.  Denyce does an exceptional job of using John's POV in the days following the 1983 fire to rehabilitate the character after all of the bashing he's received in canon for the last couple seasons, as well as really bringing John and Mary's marriage to life while making John's grief following her death palpable and believable.  It was a beautiful story before I started beta-ing it and she took my notes and made it even better.  It's heartbreaking but with funny bits, which is one of my more favorite kind of stories.

I'm Back!

Aug. 1st, 2010 10:23 pm
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I have returned from the wilderness of no interwebs to a f-list that is... quite long.  News of me:

1.  I fail at AGAHTL.  I'm putting the current version of the chapter to bed and re-reading the rest of OFNA in the hopes that inspiration strikes.  I suck.

2.  I succeed at my Cas/Jack 'verse, but only after [personal profile] fish_echo  spends three hours on the phone talking me through it.  Latest version of the story is now in her inbox but she's got a lot on her plate, so it can't hurt to shower the girl with love.  Which she is utterly deserving of.

3.  Two more nominations for me over at the COAs, both for Indeterminate Place, UK - I guess someone really liked it, thank you, whoever you are.  The story is one of my more favorite little one-shots I've ever written and a crossover between the Buffy-verse and World War Z - which is an utterly awesome book and one you really ought to read if you haven't.  My little fic is up for Saturn's 2012 Award (a mod award which isn't open to public voting and where its one of two nominees, the other being an 800k epic, so I don't have much hope) and the Best Literature Crossover.  So, ooh, shiny.

Okay, off to go cruise the f-list until I sleep.  Missed you all.


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