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Holy crap, John Isner is enormous!  No wonder they had to keep calling the match due to darkness - the guy blots out the sun. 
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Blatantly stolen from a RL English friend:

"The World Cup has turned out like WW2. The French surrendered early, the USA arrive at the last minute to claim the prize and we are left to fight the fucking Germans."
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I'm grading finals this weekend, so this might not be the last of these you see (or maybe I'll just update this post to avoid spamming) but I had to share some tasty bits.

Regarding the Shakers (18th and 19th century American religious movement that prohibited sex, even for procreation):  They believed that there was no reason why the human race should be extinct.  

Um, honey, I think you got that one backwards.

English colonization of the Americas began in the late 17th century.  (And the student later said that the Civil War was about a hundred and fifty years later, so s/he meant it.)

That first Thanksgiving thing?  Must've happened on Iceland, or maybe in Ireland.  I always knew my ancestors had no sense of direction.

For the most part, the institution of slavery was wholly about economics.

Glad we cleared that up.

The first English colonists came to America to escape the enslaving policies of Catholicism and the Pope. 

Because we all know that the Pope governed England with an iron fist in 1607.
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My dearly beloved Roomie is not a participant in fandom, but she watches most of the same things that I do, reads a lot of the same things I do, and teases me for my fanfiction and internet addiction in general.  This leads to exchanges like this one from last night, when I finally watched Avatar on her parents' Home Theater System of Doom:

Me:  Eww... ganglia.  Do the Na'vi stick those into everything?
Roomie:  Pretty much.  They also have tails.
Me:  ::shudders::  Remind me never to read the fanfic.
Roomie:  ::grins::  Rule 34 is a cruel mistress.

Some other fun fandom observations from Roomie in the last few weeks )
In other news, my [ profile] sncross_bigbang  fic got claimed by an artist!  It's very exciting, I can't wait to see what she comes up with.  I'm also looking at the story for the first time in about a week this weekend - having given myself a break, I'm hoping I'll be able to see the text with clearer, more objective eyes.  Deadline's May 3rd for both me and the artist, it's going to be really exciting for me to see what this fic's final form looks like (and you'll all be happy that I've stopped nattering about it)
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Bought World War Z the other day.

Had four guys following me out of the shop.

Took it to the coffee shop.

Had three guys chat me up.

Seriously.  This is what you guys have been looking for all this time?  To hell with tits and leather pants, what you guys really want is a chick who knows that when the inevitable zombie invasion comes, the most important thing is to remember to destroy the brain!

I wish someone had told me earlier.  I've been quietly assessing every building I enter for its ability to withstand an undead attack since I was a little girl.


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