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I'm sitting at my favorite musical perch of all time – a small, concrete abuttment at Stubb's in Austin, Texas, watching G-Love, Special Sauce, and the racial divide of the country play out in front of me. I should have known from my arrival: out of work and in search of free parking, a homeless man helped me parallel park a few blocks up. “Thank you,” I told him, shaking his hand through the passenger side window.

“Thank you for not spitting on me and calling me a nigger.”

I blinked. “Why the hell would I do that?”

“Plenty of folks take it upon themselves. Probably because I'm homeless.”

“Well, fuck that.” We live in an ATM world, so I handed him a twenty. “Thanks again, and please: go do something that makes you feel good,” I tell him, echoing the words of the friend who'd bought me the ticket to the G-Love show: please, go do something that you think is fun.

And yes, the G-Love show is definitely fun... )
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Picked up this meme because it looked like fun. The playlist is my main writing playlist, which is all I've listened to in ages except for the radio and random youtube links.  Normally I'd say this is pretty obscure stuff, but I'm curious to see what some of my new f-listies are familiar with.

Step 1: Set your primary playlist to random and shuffle it.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play (or more, if you like!), no matter how embarrassing the song. If you want to, skip instrumentals, songs that have the title in the first line and songs that aren't in the first language of the majority of your flist (it makes it easier for most).
Step 3: Tag people if you want, but anyone is allowed to guess the answers.
Step 4: Strike through and add the artist and title below the lyric when someone gets one right.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating. Please don't.
Step 6: If after 30 days, there are still gaps, put people out of their misery.

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Okie dokie, this is an exercise in gonzo journalism or a Lester Bangs-inspired indulgence.  iTunes is set on random, and I'll write about whatever comes up for however long as the song lasts.  We'll see if anything of interest shows up.  A caveat: there may have been a little bit of whiskey involved in the decision to embark on this enterprise, and it's still flowing.

A thousand words about random songs )

And I think that lyric might have been it for me.  Wow, that's a thousand words of self-indulgence.  Fuck it, post it, be done with it - that's the joy of music, it's the catharsis. 

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Hey there, iTunes Randomizer - we've gotten along so well recently.  Honestly, your choices while I was grading were apt and fun and helped make that entire process slightly less painful.

Thing is: right now, I'm supposed to be adding a chapter to "A Girl and Her Time Lord" - you know, that slightly crack-y, emphasis on the humor and increasingly absurd and dire situations handled with quips and the Doctor's customary aplomb?  The least angst-y fic in my entire repertoire?  Yeah, that one.

So, please to explain the fact that for the last hour you have played the following:

Angsty music contained herein )

I mean, okay, the James Booker isn't on its face depressing, unless you hear it as a elegiac (which you know I do), but from there on we have the introspective, bitter, and wrist-slittingly depressive - you put Modest Mouse next to Nine Inch Nails.  I cannot write humor on a steady diet of bitter existentialism.  The only thing it's missing is Radiohead - and ye gads, you're going to start playing Pyramid Song now, aren't you?  Yeah, that's right. 

I know for a fact that there are no fewer than 12 They Might Be Giants albums to choose from in my library.  Could you please work with me a little here?

Oh, Canada!

May. 1st, 2010 05:48 pm
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So I've been rummaging around in my music collection lately (feeling just a little guilty about hitting 100 plays on the Broken Bells album when several of my favorite artists didn't have a single play count due to new laptop) and clicked on Hot Hot Heat's Make Up the Break Down, which I hadn't listened to in ages.  Reminded of how much I liked them, I went to Wikipedia to find out if they'd been up to anything in the last few years, and I discovered that the artists in question were, in fact, Canadian. Walking among us.  Undetected.

Cue the creation of a new playlist with all of my old favorites: Our Lady Peace, The Weakerthans, Finger Eleven, The Tragically Hip, a few Joni Mitchell and Neil Young songs that don't drive me nuts - hey, I didn't know I had a copy of "The Safety Dance," and why yes, I do want to dance - Bif Naked, now that takes me back, damn, don't have any of my Moxy Fruvous on this computer, I'll have to pick up some when I go home next. 

But I never hear this stuff anymore... )
Anyways, just wanted to express my deep and abiding love for our giant frozen neighbor to the north.  That's all.
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I always listen to music while writing. While I was working on this project, whenever I heard something that resonated with what I was writing or even scenes I was playing with in my head, I made a note. The soundtrack is culled from that list of notes, with a couple of editorial decisions made to make most of the songs ones that Dean would be willing to listen to without throwing the tape out of the window. It wound up with quite a few psychedelic or psychedelic-influenced tunes, which I thought was fitting, considering that the whole story is a trip down the rabbit hole for Dean.

Spoilers start below the cut... )
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Finally caught Alice in Wonderland last night and am trying to figure out if it worked.  (I read it as an attempt to finally make Campbell's Hero's Journey work with a sexually mature female in the Hero role - I'm pretty sure it fails at the very end, but it's going to take longer to pull the various threads together)  There's a lot more of this meta, but I'm still sorting out some of it, may or may not ever actually make it up here, but a few pieces that I felt like sharing right off the bat.
Attempts at giving Campbell's Hero a Woman's Face )

The Queen of Hearts and Sex )

Soundtrack Allusions and Connections )


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Riding home from dinner tonight (Red Lobster's seafood is mediocre at best, but not even I can deny the allure of Cheddar Bay Biscuits, nom nom nom), singing along to Three Dog Night when Roomie turns to me and says, "It's 'That's not the way to have fun, son.'"

Me:  "Not, 'That's not the way that was'?"

Roomie:  *Shakes her head*

Me:  *Listens to the chorus a couple more times*  "You're right."  *Listens to chorus again*  "That makes a lot more sense.  So I've been getting that wrong for the last twenty years, huh?"

Roomie:  "Yep."

In other news, just got back the beta of Ye Olde Big-Bang fic from my familiar-with-SPN-only reader.  It was overwhelming... and positive.  So there's hope that I haven't spent the last two months obsessing over a piece of crap.  Yays!
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This week's going to kill me.  God, I miss sleep. 
Some quick observations from the express elevator to crazy... )

Okay, about that sleep thing...

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Mmm... okay, about a half gallon of whiskey and I don't really want to think about how many cigarettes later (there's a reason I went with Marianne Faithful for the title here), a few thoughts and anecdotes from SxSW:Links, recs, and drunken celebrity sightings... )

And thus spring break ends.  As for my big bang fic, Dean is safely ensconced with Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, so I think I'm only a couple thousand words from the end, which is good, because at some point this semester I should maybe write something academic.  Just for shits and giggles, y'know. 


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