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(LJ-Only Post because DW up and disappeared on me and ate the original version of this as I tried to sneak it in before the deadline for the server upgrade.  And anyway, I've decided to include a poll anyway, so nyah!)[Poll #1802781]
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My family and I were supposed to go out to dinner last night.  Around 4pm my Dad disappeared into the basement - we figured to get some nicer clothes on.  Finally, as 6pm came and went, my mother and I now feeling more than a little hungry, I went downstairs to check on the old man.  "You ready to go?" I asked.

"Dan Wheldon died in a crash at the Indy race today," my Dad said.  He kept folding laundry and cleaning off his tool bench while he watched the after reports on television - replays of flaming wreckage flying through the air, conciliatory words, the usual cliches of grief and pre-emptive speculations into cause.  I walked upstairs in my little black dress and told Mom that I'd go get some take out instead.  When she asked why, all I could do was shrug and say, "Racing death."  She made that hideous sigh of complete sorrow and incomprehension that she usually only makes when GOP candidates allege that homosexuals are responsible for the downfall of the American economy, set down her purse, and went downstairs to try to comfort Dad.  The lady behind the register at the Chinese place asked if I was okay.  "Just fine, thank you."  I added a dollar to her tip.  But I wasn't fine, my Dad's still a little shaken today; it's never fine, and somehow, it keeps happening.

And I still love racing.

Even if I sometimes wonder why... )

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Wow - I really haven't posted here in awhile.  I'm not exactly sure when/if that will change (I'm in a bit of a transitional period at the moment, it's kind of tl;dr), but I did want to pop in and say hi.  I also have a whole lot of comments and feedback that I received over the last two months or so that should have responses - if you're waiting on one, I apologize, but believe me: it wasn't personal.  At least it wasn't personal against you, I was just dealing with some personal stuff.  I'll see if I can get around to responding sometime in the next week or two.

But, being self-centered as I am, the reason I'm posting (finally) is because I had an odd and I think true thought, but I don't have anyone to share it with.  So I'm writing it down.  Duh.  If you're interested, it's below the cut.

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I've been helping my cousins renovate the upstairs apartment at their grandparent's house - lots of sanding, varnishing and joining.  It's been fun - I always find manual labor therapeutic.  Today we were coming home and J mentioned he was going to friend's house tomorrow to "fix that crib of hers."

A replied, "Oh, the babyslayer?"

I fell over laughing.  I do love those boys.

Other things of interest:

- I got recced on [info]crack_impalaTwo weeks in a row.  I'm seriously blushing over this, but apparently now that I'm writing porn, I do it well.  Accolades are also due to [info]callowyn , my coauthor on The Weight and my beta for The Many Forms of Comfort.  And to all the rest of you who helped and are such horrible influences on me.  =)

There was some other things I meant to say, but I've forgotten what they are, so I'll just amble off now - I think I need a nap.  It's that kind of a day.

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I know, I know: it's nowhere near February 2nd.  But I just watched Window of Opportunity and have a big ol' smile on my face.  So, I have to ask: friends, what are your favorite Groundhog Day episodes of the various shows that you watch?  Rank 'em if you could.  My list:

1.  SG-1: "Window of Opportunity" - A perfect, perfect GD episode that only slows up when they finally break the loop.  I died a little the first time I watched it and saw them driving golf balls through the Gate.  And poor, poor Teal'c.
2.  Xena: "Been There, Done That" - Hee - the day when she decides to kill them all herself gets me every time.  Ranked below the SG-1 episode only due to the SG-1 episode's sheer power of awesome.  But as perfect as a Xena episode ever got.
3.  Supernatural: "Mystery Spot" - Would have been higher if it weren't for the slightly depressing ending (and yes, I know it was necessary for the arc) and also because I wanted to kill the two moving guys every repetition.  But otherwise, it has so many good lines I'm not going to quote any because then I'll wind up quoting the whole episode.  Oh fine - "Clowns or midgets?"
4.  ST:TNG: "Cause and Effect" - Probably the first GD episode I ever saw (and maybe the only one on this list that pre-dates the movie).  Gets mad points for how early it is, although the resolution only ever really made sense to Data.
5.  Buffy: "Life Serial" - Comparatively meh on this one - it was good, just not hugely memorable.
6.  Eureka: "I Do Over" - Okay, it's fine technically, but it sank the hell out of my ship (how sad is it that the only real OTP I have is Carter/Blake?  I don't even write fic for this fandom!) and so I have to say "boo!"

And though I watched every episode of The X-Files growing up, I honestly can say that I do not remember the GD day episode that TV Tropes mentions, so I can't rank it.  Which is really odd, because I tend to find GD episodes to be amongst the most memorable of any show's run.  So yeah - discuss, mention GD episodes from canons I'm not familiar with, do what you will.


Oct. 16th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Was supposed to do a number of things today.  Wound up sitting on the side of the road with my brother waiting for the Triple A truck to show up for two hours.  So, hanging out with baby brother?  Accomplished.  What feels like a mild case of heat exhaustion?  Hydrating as we speak. 

We did go and see Red instead of going hiking due to aforementioned probable heat-stroke - it did the comic justice (boy, the Boomers are grouchy about aging, but that was in the source material) and the cast was fantastic.  But things of writing that require concentration and thought?  Those are going to have to wait until morning, when I don't feel like I have the hangover from hell.
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My brain is much smarter than me sometimes.

I've been struggling with my MA report topic for a few weeks now - it's not in the field I originally wanted to work in but in one that I chose because I lost my old adviser.  The new one's the first guy who ever made philosophy make sense to me and this particular issue is a difficult topic that bridges five disciplines that don't talk to each other and use the same words to mean different things and oh, it takes place over 700 years and involves translating complex philosophical theories in and out of at least six different languages - which also use the same words to mean different things.  All of my outline attempts thus far have been way too philosophy - a field where I'm still a noob - and not nearly enough history.

Until I woke up at 3:30 this morning for a cigarette and then sat down and wrote an outline.

For eight hours.

It's seven pages long, single spaced, made up almost entirely of argument with references to some evidence but no actual citation.

I turned it in.  The adviser didn't have time to look at it yet, but while we were talking seemed to agree with most of my ideas.

If it works: it's brilliant.  Emperor's new clothes type potentially revolutionary shit.  If it doesn't work, I'm a complete asshole.  That's how things shake out sometimes.  I really hope it's brilliant.  I don't have any other ideas.  Professor said to poke him if I don't hear back in ten days.

But for now, i'm going to sleep.  People whom I owe things: I'll get to them after a nap.


Sep. 24th, 2010 10:26 pm
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So I've chosen to start watching 'Sherlock' immediately after watching the new episode of Supernatural because I have absolutely no urge to take part in the wankery on the high seas it inevitably launched, and I'm just about done watching the first episode (not the Pilot, saving that for later), and I have one single spoilerific question that I refuse to spoil myself for but must say somewhere:

Spoilery bits. )

That being said, I do love Mr. Moffat's writing, even if it does occur to me now that Eleven and Sherlock sound and act an awful lot alike.

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Spent the last two days catching up on all of Doctor Who since the end of series four.  My thoughts below:

Lots of spoilery bits through the end of series five... )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 12:21 am
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So I got to go to the Machete premiere tonight and had a great deal of fun people watching before the show.  Austin doesn't do red carpets quite like most places: there were as many people in ripped t-shirts as gowns, and judging by the pictures from Venice, Robert Rodriguez hasn't changed his clothes in 48 hours.  But he did make a point of going out of his way to shake the hand of my favorite usher at the Paramount, an 83 year old lady with a cane who doesn't take any guff from anyone, so he gets full credit for that.

I never go to a Rodriguez film expecting deep social commentary or anything: I want shit to blow up and gore and for each character to be more bad ass than the last.  And you get that.  But one of the things I do love about him is that in a movie with more casual female nudity than has been seen on screen since... well, Sin City, probably - it also passes the Bechdel test with flying colors.  Every character Rodriguez writes is something of a cartoon, but his women kick just as much ass as his men do

Still not sure what was up with Lindsey Lohan's character though.

Oh, and when la revolucion comes, it's going to be a procession of low riders.  I so wish I had been in town to watch them film *that* sequence.
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So, Facebook, in its apparent never-ending quest to conquer the rest of the internet, is now cross-postable with LJ. You may have heard about this; I'm about the last person on my f-list to make a post about it, so I'm pretty certain you have. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here's my deal:

I personally have no use for this option and have further taken the step of changing the e-mail account associated with my Facebook so that there's no chance of software linking my LJ/DW posts with my Facebook/RL identity. There are a couple of folks out there who know a bit more about my RL than others (though there is only one who knows me in RL), and as I develop relationships with you wacky folks, I am willing to gradually share more. There are a few of you whom, if the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn't mind having a drink with. But the fact is: I like having a separate fandom identity, a place where I can occasionally bitch about my (frequently much wankier) RL and write silly stories and lust after fictional characters without fear of consequences and/or hearing about it from my family for the next fifty years. I certainly don't need my professional contacts to know exactly how much time and effort I spend thinking and writing about comic books, tv shows, and other things that they're not paying me to think about.

Long story short: I'm not posting anything from LJ/DW on Facebook, and while a couple of you know my real name, in fandom, I'm always going to be Morag. If I post something so absolutely dripping with brilliant wit that you feel the need to share it with Facebook (I know, I know, I'm just that funny and wonderful), then go ahead and share it, link it, whatever, but share it as Morag's, and don't sully it by associating it with the meatsuit doing the typing.

P.S. - If you've decided to move to DW, I'm moragmacpherson there as well.

ETA: I have no intentions of abandoning LJ any time soon (I just got it broken in), but I added the crosspost footer from DW so that folks can comment where they prefer. In general I'm better at keeping up with my LJ f-list than my DW circle, but I can work on that too.
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Okay, all of you guys from the 19th century and earlier writing commentaries on Aristotelian physics: could you please define the symbols you're using for physical constants?  If I don't know what alpha stands for then it's really hard for me to follow your discussion of the faults of "v α F/R; F>0; R=0". 

I'm pretty sure v is velocity, F is force and R is resistance, but I have absolutely no clue on alpha, and none of the modern uses of alpha make any sense.  And no, there's no decent prose statement of the law either.

(Yes, I know Aristotle's dividing by zero there, which is problematic, but the formula has to do with the motion of celestial spheres, which he believed was infinite, and while I always thought dividing by zero = does not exist, Roomie assures me that the result of dividing by zero could also be termed infinite)
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Okie dokie, this is an exercise in gonzo journalism or a Lester Bangs-inspired indulgence.  iTunes is set on random, and I'll write about whatever comes up for however long as the song lasts.  We'll see if anything of interest shows up.  A caveat: there may have been a little bit of whiskey involved in the decision to embark on this enterprise, and it's still flowing.

A thousand words about random songs )

And I think that lyric might have been it for me.  Wow, that's a thousand words of self-indulgence.  Fuck it, post it, be done with it - that's the joy of music, it's the catharsis. 

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So, I'm making a playlist of songs about space because I'm in a Doctor Who writing mode and I'm wondering why all my favorite songs about space exploration are written by Brits?  Seriously, the top two are "Space Oddity" and "Rocketman."  Were the Brits really more into the whole space thing than we were?
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Ohmigod, does the Snoop Dog tribute to Sookie Stackhouse count as filk?  This is so fantastic, I completely lack the words.

In other words, they aren't pulling the punches on the Ho!Yay this season, are they?
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It's Father's Day, my mother just started a phone conversation with the line, "How's your pustule?" (don't ask, but apparently, it's fine), I'm drinking whiskey to recover from the hangover of having been the designated driver last night at my cousin's bachelor party (which meant that I was the one who got to 1) make sure the bouncers didn't beat up the entire groomsmen corps and 2) do the math on how to divvy up the accidental $380 lap dance tab that one of the younger men ran up when they didn't bother to explain to him that it was $20 per song in the VIP rooms), and beta-ing an excellent John-fic which is all-too appropriate for Father's Day and which I'm totally spoiled for right now because I'm the only one who can read it until its BB posting date (and, hmm, maybe I shouldn't be confessing to beta-ing while drinking whiskey, but my grammar stands up to alcohol fairly well).

I hope you're all having lovely, lovely days.

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Hey there, iTunes Randomizer - we've gotten along so well recently.  Honestly, your choices while I was grading were apt and fun and helped make that entire process slightly less painful.

Thing is: right now, I'm supposed to be adding a chapter to "A Girl and Her Time Lord" - you know, that slightly crack-y, emphasis on the humor and increasingly absurd and dire situations handled with quips and the Doctor's customary aplomb?  The least angst-y fic in my entire repertoire?  Yeah, that one.

So, please to explain the fact that for the last hour you have played the following:

Angsty music contained herein )

I mean, okay, the James Booker isn't on its face depressing, unless you hear it as a elegiac (which you know I do), but from there on we have the introspective, bitter, and wrist-slittingly depressive - you put Modest Mouse next to Nine Inch Nails.  I cannot write humor on a steady diet of bitter existentialism.  The only thing it's missing is Radiohead - and ye gads, you're going to start playing Pyramid Song now, aren't you?  Yeah, that's right. 

I know for a fact that there are no fewer than 12 They Might Be Giants albums to choose from in my library.  Could you please work with me a little here?

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Between all of the bigbangs that have come out over the last two weeks and the remixes coming out today... my head is spinny.  And so much of it is so damn good!  I know I haven't gotten around to commenting on all of it, but just so's you all know: I love you fandom, half the stuff I've read today is superior to anything published I've read this year. 

Among them:

Amorphous - by Gladdecease - a SN Crossover Big Bang - SPN/Good Omens - Gen - Wonderful addition of not just Good Omens mythology but also Jewish mythology to the SPN-verse.  The GolemPOV must be read to be believed.  Want more.

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by Claudiapriscus - a SN Crossover Big Bang - SPN/Stargate SG-1 - Couldn't love this fic more if I tried.  Her Dean, Sam, and Daniel are perfect, and her Jack ain't half bad either.  Again: want more.

Eight Early Drafts of Sam Winchester's College Application Essay (And the One He Sent to Stanford) - by anonymous, remix of a fic by Xaara - Supernatural - the original fic was short and sweet.  This one took the idea and turned it into an incredible ball of ooey-gooey heartwarm, and I haven't figured out how to comment on it yet.

Through the Wardrobe (The Three Worlds Remix) - by anonymous, remix of a fic by Booster - BtVS/Narnia/bonus!xover - again, a short but sweet original fic that plays into something big and amazing, and ooh, bonus crossover for the win.

Hope Deferred Maketh Something (The Never Knew Such Silence Remix)
- by anonymous, remix of a fic by melliyna - Criminal Minds/West Wing - I'll just quote my comment here: "I got here by clicking on the "Criminal Minds" fandom tab and then said, "Hmm, 'West Wing,' that'd be a great crossover," and then I read the original and it was contemplative and sad and wonderful and then I started this one and OMFG you added zombies! Not only that, but you added zombies and pathos. You, sir or madame remixer, are a mad genius. Major tip of the hat to you."

Repairmen (and Women)
- by anonymous, remix of a fic by feverbeats - Iron Man (could be either comic or movie) - This one took a fic that was a good character study and then focused on (what is to me) the much more interesting question - not how Tony and Co. would react to the end of the world, but how they'd rebuild it.

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I thought I was inured by the end, thought there was no mistake that could send me back to the liquor cabinet.  Then I read this:

The American Colonization Party [sic] focused on the enlightenment of Africans.  Converting Africans to that of American ways proved to be successful yet difficult when it cam to convincing Africans to move to American land.  Nevertheless, with locations such as Liberia founded, Africans would still become a part of the United States growing reformed change.

Seriously.  Now they're just fucking with me.


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