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"I...OK, not a crossover that would have occurred to me right off, but it works kind of scarily well." - Ao3 bookmark comment by MollyC

This sums up about half the comments this series has received, reminding me that not everyone has spent the last six months obsessing over Superception the way I have.  For me, this is a parallel head canon, so I'm always confused by people being surprised that it works. Of course it works! This is how it happened!

The thing of it is: I love this crossover and I will never be able to write all of the fic that I want in it.  Plus, I'm lazy and would like to read some without having to write it first. Hence this post: the merged timeline of my Superception 'verse, "Not Such As I Was".  If you're curious how to pull the two canons together, here are the basic mechanics and back story for how I chose to do it: a mix of canon, fanon, historical fiction, applied phlebotinum, miracles, and, of course, True Love(s).

I post it in the hopes it may inspire some people to cross these canons over in completely different ways.  It's also an open invitation for other people to join this sandbox; after the timeline, there are some general guidelines that I'm using while writing the series, further details on Project Lavoisier, quite a bit of miscellany and some story ideas that I don't know if I'll ever get around to incorporating.  But maybe one of you will.

Needless to say: here there be spoilers-- probably.  This is a living document: it's how I think the two canons interacted prior to June 2012 (with the help of my accomplices - Cally, Squid, Sis, DS, Mel, Lass and anyone else whose ear I've talked off: THANK YOU.).  Particular details about events may change in the process of fic writing, or if someone happens to come along with some much better idea about what happened.  Also, these are by no means the only places where the canons intersected: others almost certainly happened, it's just they haven't been noticed yet.  So if you notice 'em, feel free to tell us all about 'em.

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